Don’t show byters followers please!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, do not show people’s followers to everyone on byte, the reason why is because if so, even if they have the option to do so, it will turn byte into another competitive social media app just like tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and so on where gaining the most followers is the aim of the game.

Even though not many people on byte won’t be too keen on “numbers” or “statistics”, having the idea “on paper” would highly compromise the app’s identity that had tons of people flocking to byte in the first place

Not being able to show stats like that was a key factor in why byte became so big as it is now, showing how many followers people have will ruin the vibe that byte once had in the beginning when it was about the content people posted and supporting each other no matter what, not some popularity contest that people can flex their numbers on like it’s a million dollars.

@FaizalDawx if you’re seeing this and you still have that note on having the option to show statistics on everyone’s profile, please remove it from your megathread for ideas and feature requests, having the idea of showing followers just like every other social media app is a terrible idea.


LMFAO nobody wants statistics :joy:

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say nobody wanted statistics, I’m saying nobody wants to show them to the public, ya get me bro :face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat_smile:


I kinda get what you mean but you can kinda see if someone is already popular if they are getting thousands of likes on their videos basically why hide followers/following if you can see how many likes they are getting


I think there is an argument to be made to have them be shown. However, since in the start it was chosen it should now not be changed. It’s one of the big thing that makes it different from other apps.

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That’s the point I’m making, you don’t need to see their follower count to see how great their content is or how big they are, just look at the number of likes on each of their videos.


Ohhh i see i see

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Again, that is the point I’m making, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

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I mean it’s just a thread of all the ideas that have been proposed. It’s not like Faizal is endorsing all of those.


I feel like there should be an option, like if you wanted to see followers or following or not

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I know, but I’m just concerned that if the byte team were looking at what to consider putting in for the next update, and showing follower count was one of them as seen in faizal’s megathread, that would be an epic downturn for byte as again said, it was a key factor that made byte stand out from other social media app and of course attracted ton of people to join byte.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t stress about that thread specifically. The Byte staff and Dom check the forums a lot and have seen the discourse about whether followers should be shown or not because there have been other topics about this. I trust they wouldn’t make that decision lightly.


Maybe, don’t see how that could be a bad thing, but again a bit creepy, makes you look like a stalker or something.

Absolutely, positively, fuck no, this is the argument I’m making, if people HAD the option to show their followers to other users on the app, this would turn byte into a popularity contest just like many other social media apps.

about my thread: its just a list of ideas. its not to say like “byte team, work on this next” its just stuff that could spark an idea for the team. some of the ideas on the list have a “?” before it cause idk if they’d actually be that good. the followers idea has a question mark before it


Understandable :relieved: have a nice day or evening wherever you are

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i think they should show the number but you shouldnt be able to see who the follows are

That makes no sense whatsoever :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

i mean they should display the number of follows you have but you shouldnt be able to view the accounts that are following but you can still see the amount of accounts following a user :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbh I end up checking my follower count more often on Byte than I ever did on TikTok. By hiding it, it has had the opposite effect than intended.


Exactly, it’s better to hide the follower count from the public because it helps byte users to focus more on their content engagement rather than their follower count

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