Don’t know why this hasn’t been done

Please add a date on posts, make the rebyte button separate from the more button, make the timeline name the same name as your display name, and add follower/ following count :slight_smile:

Change the topic to #idea – and there are similar ideas to your topic

Toggle on/off follow the count is coming…(public to view)

You can see the number of followers you have by tapping on your stats. The number of followers, as far as the last time I checked, is planned to be an optional tag to put on your profile once those are implemented.
You can see the date of a byte when you open the comments. And I don’t believe they’ll make the rebyte button separate, since the UI would get cluttered that way.


Some of these are by design actually! Eventually there is talk about toggling a follow count, for example, but the app isnt about followers, or shouldn’t be at least. But there will be adjustments and changes as we progress

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there’s reasons for all of those. not doing any of them (except maybe follower counts) sorry :frowning_face:

(and yeah there’s threads about all of them already)