Don’t intentionally create a conversation just to lock a forum post

Stop attempting to gaslight him. That’s what you’re trying to do.


Saying okay is gaslighting ?

You’re trying to make him and others question the reality of what happened. What he and others KNOW happened.


I just asked to have a post I made taken down because it ended up being something other than what I had intended. Granted, I had a hand in perpetuating that. So I wanted it closed. I see no harm in people wanting their conversations closed, we get derailed Easily. if there is an issue they can always DM the OP.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: …omg

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No no, dw. I wasn’t talking about your post don’t worry


You’re absolutely right - if you set up a topic and it goes off the rails or reaches the ends of means of conversation toward that particular conversation, you should absolutely have every right and privilege to close the topic without backlash. It’s when people take the topic and steer it toward their own, accusatory means (as this particular thread highlighted magnificently; see above WTFurkery) that leads to a post being closed against the OP(ie Taylor)'s original, more-often-than-not innocent intentions behind setting up the topic in the first place.


I feel your pain…

You stalked me online to the point where I had to make a post on my stories not to accept your follow request.

Isn’t this against the instagram/byte terms of service?