Don’t intentionally create a conversation just to lock a forum post

Don’t intentionally create an OFF TOPIC conversation just to lock a forum post… you’re doing it on purpose
Exactly… could be like… a form of bullying and it’s pissing me off


If the original poster contributes to the off topic conversation as well as no one, including the OP, flagging anything as off topic then there has been no effort made to keep the conversation on topic. Additionally to it being clear the OP intends to antagonize people.


And I’ll also note: I had no involvement in the off topic conversation.

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I know I know

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They locked my post where I was updating my tiktok stats and helping others grow too if they need help. And it was promote yourself or off topic category. If there is category like that on this forum then why they need to lock the topic

Look at this everything was planned by them

This^ is why it was closed.


The thread wasn’t closed because of me and a few other users going off topic. That has nothing to do with this. You always play the victim card, but you know damn well what you tried to do to me and I haven’t pulled the card. The topic was closed due to the fact it was not contributing anything new. Yeah you got 1 million followers. Congrats, good for you, but it doesn’t need to be updated every 15 minutes as frankly, nobody cared. We are happy you managed to get success, but we never hijacked your topic, and after a point in time I made a topic specifically about the things we were discussing because it went off the original topic.


No one cared so how did they congrats me ?

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Here is the main problem I have with you. Here is my story and what you did to me.

In the Byte Community Discord, you admitted to following me on Instagram for the sole purpose of stalking me and my family. You have begun to screenshot all of my followers and I have no idea what you wanted to do with that information. Then you found my secret alt account which was not linked to my main and tried to follow that one too. You admitted to all of this and there are witnesses in the chat who saw what you wrote. You stalked me online to the point where I had to make a post on my stories not to accept your follow request. I really do not understand how a person like you can be so angry and vile to go so far as to even think about harassing me, my family, and my friends online. I had to block my family on Instagram so that you or anyone else won’t find them. I was in shock that day. I still am. You made me go public with this, so who is the victim now.


Haha lmao :joy: show me proof detective

You said those words in the discord with another 10 - 20 people watching as well. I do not understand your obsession with me, but Id really like for it to stop.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 12.44.12 PM


Yes so what did I get ? Making stories up is easy get proof first

You said it. People saw you say it. You said that you were stalking me! YOU admitted to it in the byte discord. There were people who saw it!


No what you are saying is completely wrong check what you just wrote above and what you are false blaming me for

“I got what i needed now you can block me” means I am stalking everyone in the world yeyyyy new dictionary

@MagicalVlogger I got what I needed now you can block me :joy: I am stalking yours full following too now as I said that

You know what. Heres the deal. I have a real long day ahead of me. I work with patients and I really don’t need your antagonizing being to be in my head for the rest of the day. You can keep pulling the victim card but when presented with the evidence you chose to ignore it and just forget about it. I do not need this negative energy in my day and frankly I need to learn to stop caring about you as you are literarily meaningless to me and just cause stress. As can be seen these fights I have with you have caused no good to me. If you wish to report something please do so using the report flag button, but refrain from contacting me any further. Goodbye and have a good day.


Aww okay :ok_hand:t2: