Don’t Ban Tiktok

ik u guys wanna have more people come to byte but please dont try to ban tiktok so many people have found a safe place for themselves on tiktok and others have grown their businesses or their music and many other things so much of people’s lives r on tiktok pls dont ban it ty for reading :heart_eyes_cat:


Oop I mean sure but it’s more of a security concern than anything else. We gave all our info to the CPP for funzies but it’s an actual security threat😂


I really Hope that it doesn’t get banned I’ve literally had that app since 2015

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Trump doesn’t like China so this is an easy thing to attack. It also has bipartisan support whereas most other things like more tariffs on China do not.

Aka: Bunker B***h hates China, China = communism, tiktok = China, tiktok = communism.

In all honesty the old people are afraid of China, and they don’t care about “the tiktok community” so they could care less about Gen Z’s “dancing app”


but like what info

What apps you have installed. Everything on your clipboard. IP addresses. Etc

Info? They may collect some basic data, they were seen snooping at location and clipboard data but it’s mainly politics.

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I can link you to a forum post with screenshots of text

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Or to the reddit article

ngl idrc if they have my info :joy_cat:

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Read that. You want them to have ALL of that ?


I don’t like the prospects that they could be forced to share any data collected to the Chinese government, idk why that feels a bit slimy.

Edit: yes they said they never have and never will but they are at liberty to do so and they are technically required to being that Bytedance (Tiktoks parent company and owner of the Chinese version Douyin) is under those strict laws.

I’ll put it on simple terms. If you don’t care about tiktok having your data. You should care about how burnerable it is that even I can hack it and get onto anyone’s phone

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If anyone here is a developer can y’all out that in simpler terms? I don’t know how to simplify it and explain it well😂

i used a fake name and birthday lmao

I mean sure. What about everything else. They have your exact location. And any local hacker can access your phone through it if they really want. Then they can dip to the local network and get anyone else connected to WiFi. But since we’re mostly nonebodies that’s bound not to happen tbh😂

From what I can tell tiktok has made a deal with Google to share data storage with them, so if China wants tiktok data it would have to go through Google 1st. So if they ban tiktok they would have to ban Google. Tiktok is removing it’s ties with China.


Not exactly. They also store on Alibaba servers