Don’t argue in my thread

Bytes not fun anymore, it’s either overly positive which is fake. Or unnecessarily negative with no type of advice, which solves nothing either. @gwynerso made a statement about it and what happened? Just as she said, people shut down because of “community” I will say I laughed at the trolling in the comments but petty debates always start when we’re trying refine the app and the community. We live in the day and age of sensitivity and people get butthurt too easily, meanwhile there’s other people who aren’t easily offended but they contribute 0. All they say is how the app sucks and do better, what kind of meat mind thought process is that? I’m not gonna act like there aren’t any good people in the forums and on the app because they do exist and I love you all, but I will acknowledge that people like you are outweighed by the misbalanced unfortunately. This is me speaking my thoughts and feelings, this ain’t really something to help the community bc idk if it can be helped at this point. This is what I observed through my time of using the app and the forums


Topics like these get made, and people give their opinions. They get “shut down,” because they just become arguments w/ everyone attempting to defend themselves. If you guys really wanted to “confront” a community problem head-on feel free to do so privately with those parties. Otherwise you’re risking your opinion (or topic in this case) being subjected to forum moderation, because now its a public issue (that will be added to search engines).


I don’t mind moderation, if I’m out of line, if the threads are out of line then by all means shut it down if necessary. I’m just speaking on things I’ve observed


I see what you mean. I didn’t realize how intense things could get about the app. It confused me for a while. Even when I say nothing, it became clear on how much one’s input meant to others. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that I don’t have that sort of proper guidance on how to act civil or whatever.

So really, idk


And to understand that you don’t know something is great, you see the situation and now you can see how you can become better in that regard

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This is something I’ve noticed for awhile ngl. I am usually quiet on these type of situations but I tend to lurk alot to know what’s up. I’m not discouraging you one bit. But deep down I’ll never understand how someone will claim they’re positive and want a good environment yet will turn around and yell at someone because they see someone else’s content isn’t “up to par” with their expectations.


You’ve made a byte about this, and I’ve made my piece there. Lemme see if i can bringnit back:

We are split between different conflicts (drama, clout, greed, hate) and looking to different places for guidance/action. We have some leaders in the community, though we are also relying on the byte staff. Everyone, for the most part, seems silent about some issues while others are resolved quickly. It feels like an imbalance.


I usually don’t say much either, but I felt the need to say something now. I don’t wanna be quiet forever

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In think you perfectly summed up what’s going on

I’m always shocked when someone says i’m right :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
But it’s still a deep problem that requires further reflection


I want everyone who comments on here to speak your mind, speak your heart, remember that our goal is to talk about this in a civil manner

I’ve said this before but I think its relevant for this thread as well:

As soon as you (you as in anyone) start focusing on the negative, that is all that you will see. Cut out what you don’t like to see and what feeds into the negativity in your own head and your experience with this app and community will become exponentially more enjoyable.

Your mindset is what you choose it to be.

Make your space/byte page a place of positivity and creativity and people with similar mindsets will follow suit and engage with you -reminding you of why you started your involvement with the app in the first place.

I hope this is helpful in some way.


I would also like to note: you can’t help someone understand or educate them if they are unwilling to learn, so sometimes its best to not engage at all (even tho that can be quite difficult sometimes).


Always helpful, your words never fall on deaf ears. Unless people are stubborn, but I hear you and I relate to what you’re expressing


A lot of it has to do with people being flat out fucjing fake. Excuse my language but there’s such thing as screen shots ya they exist and in my situation I’m over the app because the same people calling themselves my “friends” are the same ones dragging my name through the mud. And it wasn’t just one person, it was like a whole server dedicated to talking about me haha. Again this is just how I view the app, and a big part of the community. When I joined byte back in January, I rlly jumped off a cliff and dove into it with open arms. I may have went a little fast, but I experienced so many different sides of byte and the people on here and it’s sad to say so many of them are so mean and “toxic”. That words gets thrown out a lot. Lol I think me speaking on myself though I’m just a very impulsive person who kind of speaks out loud so that’s my issue I have to work on. No one rlly asked for my POV. Butt here I am stating it because I rlly still love the app, but I think a lot of the people are fake and whack and that’s just that.

So to sum that up^^^ a lot of it has to do with the people on here making this environment not a good one (IMO)


Okay, but who did that to you and can I fight them?


I’ve actually had this mindset for quite a while. I guess I sorta forgot it along the way. I’m trying to get back there now.


Rommie Im so sorry, and you know I have a knife collection and a sword. Send them my way and I’ll show them my display :wink:


Idk if this is a weird take but I feel like the forums are what escalates most issues into the drama that we see all over the app.
There are problems and problematic people on byte, obviously.
However, things become so much bigger when someone makes a forum post about the thing or the person in question.
If we were just on byte without a forum to run to, would we all be so pissed off like this?
A lot of people just go to the forums without even using the app at this point.
I see why the forums are needed and important, but I believe they also cause harm too.
Im probably wrong but that’s my take.


you’re not wrong w/ that take. having a text option too run to, thats housing the apps community, is what ruins that buffer users would normally have.

It’s good for communication, but thats where it gets abused