Dom's Twitter

Why has dom removed so many tweets about v2 from his twitter account. He no longer has any tweets linking to the v2 twitter account or any links to this forum. I hope he doesn’t quit on us. He deleted all his tweets since February 7th.


Is that what you see? I only see v2 tweets actually without many personal tweets at all

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He had many more recent tweets linking to this forum and many others that mentioned v2. All the tweets now are over two months old. He also deleted all his likes. Just seemed odd

Read his pinned tweet, he’s basically said that he won’t be using his personal account for v2 anymore which is perfectly understandable. There is a separate account specifically for v2.


I think he’s trying to keep that info on the v2app twitter account? Idk I didn’t notice, when did you realize he deleted the tweets?

Thats his personal twitter. Use the @v2app twitter for info

He’s probably just cleaning up his profile a bit

and as @Marko stated, his pinned tweet does say that all v2 related tweets will come from their official twitter account rather than on his personal one (:

but v2 is still in the works!


yeah i see that too. Just thought it was weird that other tweets were deleted.

I’m guessing he deleted them so anyone looking at his previous v2 tweets don’t keep expecting more of them from his own account