Doms Deleted Tweets Thread

An idea suggested by @AfroDynasty was to have a topic that has doms deleted tweets this will be that thread, so that everyone can post them here and just add on to it instead of making new topics every time he tweets something out

~ JJ


@AustinHarris is the man for this.


I got it :raised_hands:t2:

You’d assume he deletes em for a reason


I think there should be a channel on the discord for it

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Dom da God

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Obviously so that we can reupload them onto the forums. I thought that everyone knew that. smh :joy:

Doing this might cause Dom to tweet less. Yes he does know that once on the internet for ever on the internet but he deletes so it’s harder to find. We’ll jut be making it easier.


That is true. The only thing is that some people are asleep or at school/work when he does his quick posts and can’t see them. I do understand where you’re coming from and agree with you though.