Dominating hashtags!

Ok, so I’m pretty sure that we all saw that format from this person, sorry if I forgot but anyways, it showed you how to be famous on the app. Well
how do you really become BIG on the app? Well many people already know this but it’s to use… HASHTAGS!!!

So if we look on Instagram, and you search up a hashtag that you want to see you will definitely see a top, and a recent. And if you post something on Instagram and use hashtags, you definitely want to be on the top section, so that people will like your post and even follow you.

So now on to the v2 app.

Im pretty sure it’s not going to be called v2 but I’m just using the name so you’ll know what I’m talking about. If this app does release, hopefully, what you would really want to do and try to be big is to look at the TOP HASHTAGS ON INSTAGRAM and use them when you post on v2.

Obviously it’s going to be a new app so it won’t have those hashtags untill you use them. And you can DOMINATE those hashtags for being the first to use them on v2. Then people will see the top hashtags and will see… YOU!! And hopefully follow you :joy:.

But don’t use hashtags from Instagram that have the name insta in it because obviously, it’s not Instagram.

But anyways, thank you for taking your time and reading this, I hope you like it and use this idea. Bye!!!


Haha, smart