Dom! your number one fan! :d

Mr. Dom you’re a very interesting person; but there’s not much publicly known about you. You’re mysterious!
I’d like to be on your level.

How do I get on your level, or even near it?
I’m currently learning JavaScript. I’m a newbie!

I just wanna say I’m a fan and I’d like to know more about ya. (/_)

I’m not a crazy, “Stan” Eminem fan,
I’m a regular respectful person, lol.

Well anyway, take care!


i’d suggest maybe dming him on twitter? i’ve seen you make a few threads like this and he might respond there! :sunglasses:


I’ll consider it but Dom has like 80,000 followed, no way he’s going to see mine.

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hey don’t doubt it, he’s replied to mine a few times in the past!


I aspire to do what Dom has done. I have developed leadership skills that set myself apart from the bunch. One piece of advice from me to you is that if you wanna be successful like dom think about yourself. You yourself as being successful.