DOM where's the Android beta😾

I’m still waiting please tell me is coming soon😭 it’s already out on testflight


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I’m already on the beta😂 Im just wondering when the update will be

The android update usually comes after the ios one.


Where’s the link for the new beta for iOS?

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Glad I could help😊

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development horsepower is much more limited on the android side of things in comparison to ios so its anticipated things will take a little longer

all i can say is, as someone part of the ios beta you will not be disappointed when you eventually do get the update because its really worth waiting for! :+1:


Thank you!

How do I know if I’m in beta? I clicked the link and it said it should update but it doesn’t look any different to me… Is there a way of telling?

get an iphone

PayPal me 400 bucks to buy an iPhone se😻

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You can get an iPod Touch (7th gen) which runs the latest iOS for $200.


pls ;-;

Uh ion got 200 bucks either🙂

On android. In the play store, if you find byte it should say if you’re a beta tester.

Thank you! Turns out it worked :blush: