Dom twitter

Have you seen the last tweets from Dom where he says “weekend starts now”? What do you think he is trying to tell us?

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That, or he’s just going to start his weekend.


I think that means that he is going to enjoy his weekend

Maybe there is going go be some cool new gif or animations that we can put onto our videos, inspired by Instagram, Snapchat, or even that guy he retweeted about creating the gif on his face. I think it’s kind of fun. Unless it’s just something he posted for fun haha

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it’s just for fun. made with a lesser known app I founded, byte, in 2015.


He’s just tryna say that the weekend starts, although it’s a bit unclear if the weekend starts now…

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Hahaha you are right

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byte 2 hype

He’s telling us that he ended the Illuminati