Dom said it might be released next week or some information

what do you think he said it on his twitter

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He’ll update us and tell us whats up with v2, thats it


ok thanks

Lol no just a update

It’s just going to be an update on the v2 progress. The app is not being released.


ok do you know if he will say about the revine in the update and when its out I was just wondering

The only clue that we have is that it is going to be released in the Summer


I thought about it and today is the first day of spring and I believe I read a few places that there’s gonna be a beta in spring? So maybe that’s it iono

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ok cheers do you know if there is a revine just want to know

Uh there was one on the original right, idk why there wouldn’t be, just like twitter has retweets :man_shrugging:

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The general feature of “Revine” is most definitely coming back, just under a different name. I understand your excitement for the app, but please refrain from repeating this question. There are many topics on these forums talking about the feature.


cheers for that

Patience is key


Hopefully, but it could be just a general update to there us a bone

It would be just an update of the project. I don’t think it will be the app launching

It will just be an update :blush:

At first i think that will be release but now i think that will be just new information

When did he even say that… can anyone link me the tweet/post

Here :point_right:t6:


I think we need to remind him i think he forgot