Dom’s recent tweet

Anyone know what his recent tweet is about. Is V2 actually coming?


It’s really interesting… being literally THE ONLY tweet he has on his Twitter account and it’s a video under 6 seconds


He better not be joshin again.

I’m certain it’s happening as he wouldn’t troll us.

After he said the project was postponed due to not enough $, I guarantee he got some private investors contacting him. It made national news.

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Hoping and prayingg

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yeah that tweet had me wondering

Guys he tweeted something else…

Guys he tweeted something else...


I’m to my last straw

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

He posted on Twitter and on the forums a photo of what looks like an update log for V2. Pretty cool stuff.

The photo was a reply by @Dom on this thread.

why’d this get bumped?

Lol I have no idea. I was rereading my comments and one of them sounded rude, so I deleted it. Can you unbump it?

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appreciate that lol, but nah i can’t do anything about. we just gotta let it sink

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