Dom revealing the name soon

i think name 6sec

I was thinking Beta, but now I think Omega would be better. It kind of relates to werewolf mythology and stuff.

When an Alpha werewolf turns someone to a werewolf that person would become the Alpha’s, Beta. The Alpha in this case is Vine. This new app is coming is the Beta in the sense that it is being created because of Vine and how much people miss it. BUTTTTT, then i got to thinking and realized that Omega would be better and here’s why… In werewolf mythology an Omega is alone. It doesn’t have a pack. A lone wolf if you will. And as Dom has said in the past, he is working on this ALONE and is separate to Vine (the Alpha). This new app, whatever it may be called, is a new lone project with no ties to Vine (Alpha); therefore, it is the Omega.
(inspired by my love for teen wolf)


Idk but all i know is im hYpEd to see what the name will be


These ones are great. I like the “Grape” one.

Really hoping it’s bean

I feel like he’s going to throw us for a loop (pun intended) and name it something totally different than anything we’ve suggested. It’s gonna be something really wild and clever. He has had months to think about it haha.

Blurple would be amazing tho.


I hope it’s Blurple lmaoo


Can y’all add me to the discord gc?

any news?

here join using this link:


They are down choosing between 2 names, we will be told what the final name is sometime next week, keep a look out! :))

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Hypeeeeedd upppop

If it’s down to two maybe @dom should have a poll so we can vote just like what he did with his fundraising app

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Where’d you see this btw???

announced it on the discord

that would be a good idea

How about, “home.”

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Whatchu talking about Willis? The name should be “ Us”

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ft. Ryze

Ayeeeee. Diff’rent Strokes. I love Arnold.Used to watch it with my mama.