Dom needs to interact with us!

I love @dom

I don’t mean to seem selfish but c’monnnnnnnn. I know people are gonna say he owes us nothing and that we should be grateful (which I am) but surely he could post more frequently. I get that he’s busy but surely he could find 5-10 minutes to just make a quick post or give us an update about v2. I know we got the disappointing news about a month ago and that sucks but surely he could let us know if he has made any progress or has moved forward with the v2 project. If he hasn’t then I still think he should make a post telling us that instead of the ‘random’ tweets he occasionally puts out.

I know I’m gonna get slammed in the comments but I think there are quite a few of us who just want an update of any kind good/bad. (We have been here a long time!)


he already gave an update that v2 is postponed so wym

I understand. But poor Dom, he just got roasted on twitter. Hope he feels better.


I don’t think he’s personally affected by those. And I mean, people are upset.


Sorry to say this but v2 app is not happening no time soon

He has spent a lot of time on the forums recently, but I think its because he may be putting more coding together or maybe he is just enjoying the energy coming from the forums and he needs some positivity and a break… Plus he may be a little intimidated to talk right now after the twitter thing.