Dom is it possible to get viners back?

Hi, Dom I know I ask a lot of questions to you but can you get viners back on byte ? like I know you might be in contact with them as you created app vine and they were created and are celebrities now, but can you get some back on byte and then they can spread out the word that will be cool. Big names on social media like David Dobrik, Logan Paul, George Janko, Christian D, Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish, Bazzi and more. Because I remember when you wrote a tweet about vine 2 coming everyone was replying by saying we are ready for it. Maybe they don’t know yet that this app is there. Maybe you can invite them. I saw Amanda cerny posting a instagram story of vine 2 coming today on the release day of byte but she did not say byte I guess they don’t know properly yet. You can invite them as you soo created them


Maybe what Dom is trying to do is make the app as great as possible in quality so creators want to stay because some creators say they don’t like byte


From what we’ve seen about their structure, I feel that Byte wants to establish and retain its own community of creators as opposed to bringing in established people. They certainly can’t compete with the monetization and exposure options of platforms like YouTube and IG. I mean, baseline back-of-cocktail-napkin-math Youtube monetization is $4/1k view on a generic channel, and Logan Paul probably gets a lot, lot, lot more than that.

If you want to be unreasonably optimistic, we already have a possible Logan Paul, Billie Elish, Janko on our platform…we just don’t know their name yet, and they haven’t had the time or resources to establish themselves.


But dom is in contact with them for sure so he can just ask for a shoutout on story or something and they will be happy to do it for no money. This can give the app a boost like in India there are 2 youtubers who are too famous and when tiktok re-launched they were the one who were telling people to download the app on their social media so it gave it a boost

Dom’s reply to your topic about marketing explains a lot of what they are currently working on. so like @Libzy_itm and @AmericasComic said the app isn’t ‘‘complete’’ yet in the sense that it’s not where it needs to be. But they’ll come back in due time when this is achieved.


Fair point but it’s still better to wait that people sign up and stick around for longer then what they do now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I get it. I would like to tell you something “nothing is complete” not even big apps like Instagram or snapchat is complete or proper but what I am saying is if Dom says We can do promotion by spreading out the word why don’t we tell the viners (who are in contact with dom) and get free promotion by them putting one story or something on their social media

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In my honest opinion, there’s a few I wouldn’t mind coming to Byte, but I feel Byte will be great without any of their help. Though the popular Byters here aren’t quite household names yet, we can all as a community build this app stronger and make a name for ourselves. Hell before I even joined Vine, I slept on if for a full year, thinking it was full of a bunch of gimmicky videos. Of course once I joined I realized I was wrong and made some great friends in the process. This app is built on the creators that call this place home, not names of the past.

Plus they’d probably kill this app like they did vine with ridiculous demands.


Theres already a few people on byte that were popular on vine, I’m sure with time they’ll return and join the family


I agree with this! I feel like the Byte team is trying really hard to polish this app as much as possible before releasing it to the rest of the world and trying to advertise the app more. If it’s not up to a lot of ppls standards then they won’t use it (which is what a lot of former viners have been saying about Byte on YouTube, TikTok, etc.)…I think we should just give the Byte team a bit more time to get the app together before trying to put it out to a bigger audience. We want our audience (and our creators) to join, be engaged, and stay engaged. If our creators aren’t engaged then they won’t use the app and then the audience won’t stay engaged and leave because the creators aren’t. It’s a full circle.


Dude… Dude…

I love these creators so much…BUT if they wanna join they can on their own free will! I think it’s time for new creators to join the wave and shine instead of the same 50 or so people hogging up everything.

Many get tired of seeing the same creators and it’s better for small creators to win this opportunity.

For TIKTOK, for example, it’s all-new creators at top besides Zach King. My point is, it’s pointless to invite them! I’m pretty sure they already know about byte since it was all over the media or manger/agents probably has told them.

Ofc, bringing them will boost traffic but the will retention help? I know viewers can watch their re-upload elsewhere if necessary.


Yeah i agree platforms often add new features to stay relavant however i feel like social media platforms are like cakes. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. are adding new feature and such as the ‘‘frosting’’ and currently Byte is still in the oven baking. We’ll get to icing the cake eventually, but for now we just need to make sure to bake the perfect cake.


Yep!!! I just think that they just need a good foundation of features to give them enough to be competitive with other social media platforms (cake) and then they can add the other extra features like other social media platforms to stay relevant (icing). That’s a good analogy.


I may sound like a hater here, but I don’t think many of them will be on here until they see how it could benefit them. Notice they are slowly trickling into TikTok now, only because they realize the massive amount of eyes that are on the platform. If they really adored Vine and the opportunity it gave them in the past the way they talked about in countless YouTube videos during the time of Vine ending, they would be happy to accept Byte and help it grow, but as you can see they are not on here. They’re on TikTok…a competitor. It’s all about the bottom line for them, IMO ($$$ and attention).

Now for the positive spin- the world is ripe with talent and personality, man. Be yourself, get creative with it, and put your talents on display. Vine didn’t need known household names to thrive and neither does Byte. We can do this on our own and when we do, let’s try not to be talked about the way I’m talking about old Viners lol. I love a lot of those people and their content but at the end of the day they’re full of it when they talk about how much they loved Vine. They love where Vine helped them to get today. Actions speak louder than words.


Dom explained to you the plan and order in which he chooses to handle bytes progressions.

Why do you want an easy way of promoting the app?

Think about this for a second the app lacks audience retention and that can come down to 2 things.

  1. App Development… which as you can see the progression is steady and positive.

  2. Content… the current viewers coming to the app are they satisfied by the content you create?

Your main focus should be to create a video so amazing that you’re followers want nothing more then to share that video. Try to stop worrying about the byte teams agenda for promotion they’ve shown us.

Many of us are new and we are finally getting our chance to be heard… take advantage of that and why not focus on making that video that gets byte viral…
That’s my goal and I’m sure every other creator on this apps dream… when one of us accomplishes this we know we have creators who are ready


This seems like an unnecessary shortcut. Byte’s growth has to be organic and not because Byte’s staff and the creator decided to ask former viners for help. That wouldn’t help the app in the long run. People keep calling this app Vine2 when that isn’t what it is. The only thing this app has in common with Vine is the creators. Byte will never grow if it can’t get out of Vine’s shadow. Nor will it ever grow if people start giving up the second they don’t go “viral”. People keep making posts like this and forgetting that nothing worth building was ever built overnight. Byte is in its infancy. And hasn’t yet begun to find its legs. Byte hasn’t even launched worldwide yet. And while the sentiment is nice. Its unfair to expect this app to be anything other than what it is.
Bringing in bigger creators from the old app would generate traffic and more users yes. But it would also

  • Overshadow up and coming creators

  • make byte synonymous with those bigger creators.

  • Foster those negative aspects of vine that made it a nightmare (and yes those big creators were responsible for creating and maintaining that atmosphere of exclusion/toxicity)


We don’t need them we have stonks, the app will boom soon… I feel like you’re impatient this is the second asking dom for something



I think the bottom line is a lot of people came hoping for fast, viral success. I understand why they would be looking for that.

Hey look, we’re early adopters, so therefore logically we would be the ones who will blow up right? The Beta people probably thought this too. But again, it took what, 2 or 3 years for TikTok to finally blow up? I guess all I can say is if you’re expecting that, you can’t.

And like someone already said, every platform is another opportunity to birth new stars. There are already big names emerging now! I completely agree with the overshadowing thing.


I first got on Byte because a big viner, Lenarr, posted an email on his YouTube. He came- did a few videos- and then left. Same with other people. I think the viners gave us a head start and put us on the map.

@BigKahunaKhan put it best in his forum post that that the people behind Byte gave us this great app- now it’s time we start helping out.

I think it was @thecatholicchurch who made a forum post about this, but it talked about family watching people’s Bytes. That’s a good start- and @BigKahunaKhan actively advertises as well. This is “free” advertising since family and friends are good places to generate buzz.

I understand that getting the OG Viners to come back again will bring more people but with what cost? Companies pay people to advertise their products, so I’m guessing Byte will have to do the same.

ah I’m getting off topic here

TL;DR? We, as creators of Byte, need to advertise this app more. Most viners (not all) had their chance to stay on the app but didn’t. So now we have to shoulder the work of advertising it- and I’m okay with that.


I think right now I love where we are now. A new decade and a new era of new creators to come up. Mostly this opportunity comes rarely so I would love to see who rises from this time period tbh.