Dom how’s the marketing process going on?

Hi Dom, just curious how’s the marketing process going on as I know you are a smart guy and you have already planned out stuff but how is it going on and when will it start give us a glimpse or something for it


right now we’re focused on getting the app to where it needs to be. it’s not there yet. we still add thousands of people a day, but the most of them don’t stick around past a few days

let me explain why retaining new people is important:

let’s say you have a 30 day retention rate of 5%. that means 5% of new people are still around after 30 days. then let’s say you spent $1,000,000 on marketing and get 250,000 new people trying the app. one month later that’s only 12,500 people left.

now let’s say you invest in the product instead and figure out why people aren’t sticking. maybe they’re not finding the right content, or the camera isn’t working for them, or making things is too hard, or things are downloading too slow, or whatever. you get 30 day retention up to 25%. that same $1,000,000 and 250,000 people now means you have 62,500 people left.

right now we’re focusing on getting retention up and that’s not something you can just pay for. that involves making the product better and measuring, measuring, measuring. and as an added bonus, if more people are sticking around that means more people like the app, which probably means they’re more likely to talk about it and spread the word.

what we are investing in that is sort of like marketing is:
a) talking more about what we’re doing on social (although we still need to get better at this)
b) making it much easier to share bytes to twitter and other places and trying to encourage it more
c) merch
d) thinking a lot about what you can do with (and get you to invite) friends on the app

but spending money on actual marketing at this point would be a waste, and especially with everything happening in the world right now we need to be smart with our money. on this forum it may be easy to think “oh they just need to add more people”, but the truth is many of y’all are very dedicated early adopters and we love you for that, but we still have a lot of work to do to get more people feeling the same way about byte :slight_smile:

we’re getting there and we’re going to continue investing in the app for now. 24 hour retention from launch day until today:


Holy shit I’m in. Probably what I’m most hyped for.

In this regard, I agree.

I think it can be summarised like this: if you market a piece of poo, it’s still a piece of poo, and people will quickly realise that.

Why do people buy iPhones? 'Cause they’re actually great products. They feel great to use. Functionally, they excel at the things that they can do. Et cetera. Marketing enhances that and really sells it. If it turns out to be a piece of shit, then no amount of marketing can fix that.

I think the absolute key point in Dom’s essay is that we are early adopters, we are still a month in, and whilst Byte is really great and we love it, it’s not as polished as an iPhone 11. Imagine buying an iPhone 6 today. The only thing that can help this is development time and for the community to continuously provide good feedback (critical feedback is essential) to make sure that we can get to a version of the app that will make the Byte team say “yeah chief, this is it” in the shortest amount of time possible, and then throw $400m into marketing it.


Oh I get it now. Thank you. I knew you are a very smart guy and you have smart moves around you. But I wanna ask why is the app not available in other countries for example India (that’s a big market now)


I’m going to throw in an almost completely uneducated guess and say licensing/publishing/legal concerns.

Drawing from my mobile game experience (LOL) and a little bit of Netflix experience, the geographics change a lot. Introducing India requires localisation (language translations as well as contextual) and support. As an Aussie, I get like 20% of the shows/movies that the US people have on Netflix. For an app to be published in more conservative countries, there might be controls that are required.

Japan and South Korea loves their revealing sexy anime girls, but China is not about that and is quite conservative (they censor cigars and cover up some skin for games like League of Legends and mobile games). Some countries may not allow loot boxes (I think the EU is pioneering some of this), or some countries may have some security/privacy laws that are drastically different to others.


MERCH PogU. Just take my money


I think it’s a good thing we’re not rolled out to the other countries yet. We’re not 100 percent ready and when we are it’ll cause a huge spark of engagement. Think about what (sort of) happened in the U.S. as the app released, there was an influx of users and then it dropped off. World wide release is a way to attract a huge audience again and could respark the US interest as well. A lot of free marketing when it goes great.


As users, obviously we don’t have have a lot of control over this aspect, but is there any way we can help on this end?


I am doing my part by promoting this app to my friends at school. I got at least 20 or so of my friends on this app hoping they’ll get their families and friends as well on the app. Few are still active some are viewers and some content creators. I was supposed to do a podcast at my school recently but it got postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Being transparent about work behind scenes is the go to and not many platforms are well at that. It’ll take time.

Yes, you hit the jackpot. This is the key to viral key content, if the content goes viral it’ll attract users to the app.

Best marketing. Many would want that fire merch or exclusives

I’m doing my part and I’ll continue to do my part. I think creators that aren’t doing this should have the courage to do their part. (this includes people that are complaining about engagement being low etc)

Well said I have nothing to add :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you explain what this graph is showing in detail


Good to see my way of marketing is actually a thing! I call this “Agressive Marketing” which might be a term I am misusing. But my manager and best friend at my old grocery store taught me to advertise in ways most people don’t which is why Ingles markets is so successful. Like building stores super far from competitors where competitors are not located to offer valuable service to those locally. Or building stores in front of competitors on interstates to gain more attention. My form of this is inserting myself what you call the wendys way nito certain people comments or doing certain things online to promotoe myself or brands to others. So far my method works and I love to see how Byte is doing this too!


Hey @dom could you explain a bit more about the graphic? Like what do each line represent?


i would also like to know this.


If I had to guess - considering that they’re measuring how many users use the app for longer than 24 hours - the first point would be at 100% since it would be the first day. And then each point would be by day.

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@dom Now this is what everyone that constantly complains or flames needs to hear. For the past few months, we’ve had some naysayers poke their heads in, impatient, or even downright insult Dom and his team. We’ve had people who have been coming along and try to act like they’re marketing experts and they should just dump money into it.

Think about how much Dom cares about this community and his overall strategy – he’s giving away A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS to creators through the partner program alone! Absolutely unheard of in this day and age of profitable social media! He could be giving away 100k and everyone would still be like, holy shit!

I’m sick of people acting like their rent is 3 months overdue and they need a 100k rain check from Dom pronto or else their entire life is gonna collapse, as if Dom owes them something, like ‘Ah, I’ve made a few 6 second videos, now you owe me by dumping money into the app and making me its crown jewel.’

I’ve long been a big proponent and defender of Byte, the team, Dom, and the direction the app is taking, and for a reason. Some people have told me I’m blind for just openly believing in Dom, but think about it. This man has YEARS, or even a decade, of collective business and app-development experience. He is responsible for growing an app with over 200 million active users, Vine, in the glory days of the early 2010s of social media. I say this all the time and I’ll say it again – anyone that’s here for the short-term, expecting to just turn into a Jake Paul overnight, impatient and feeling like Dom owes you something like you’re going to implode soon, this isn’t a healthy mindset, and it’s definitely not realistic, especially not now. TikTok existed for 3 to 4 YEARS as, until it combined with Chinese Superapp Douyin to inevitably grow to where it is today. The fact that Byte is unique as its own business model and through actually PAYING creators to be ORIGINAL through partnership and making beats? It’s unique and unheard of, it’s amazing, and has the potential to dominate, given patience and faith, which everyone who’s just chasing clout seems to lack.

Bottom line is: anyone that is remotely worried or alarmed or like ‘oh nooooo we need to grow NOW or it’s tiktok for life,’ they’re literally acting like the world is gonna EXPLODE because they want to turn into jake paul or something because they have no other options. Anyone who isn’t here to stick around to be a part of the community is just chasing clout and trying to disguise themselves as genuine. People LOVE to hop onto hype trains and be a part of the community that they think is there – it’s up to individual creators like us and what we can do to keep it alive for the coming months and years to make sure that Byte is an app that is a community worth being a part of.




I do love a good ol Rice essay. :heart:


I think you have a great strategy planned out for us @dom ! As far as us creators go, I think we need to focus on our content and not so much about how or when the app is going to do this or that. There’s a team that got this all started in the first place and that’s why were all here and we should let them do their thing!

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On a serious note tho:

If the marketing of the app, the numbers (or lack of), money, or whatever it is was the only thing driving you to continue to be a creator on Byte… you wouldn’t still be here. You’re still here when lots of others have left…you must have some value and hope for Byte.

Worry about something else. You are wasting valuable energy and effort fretting over things that clearly aren’t as important to you as you think they are.

Stop worrying so much about the money potential and the damn numbers. Patience.
:innocent: :heart: Smile, stay safe, and have some fun!


I am going to test something. Do you think having a person that is here giving a comment that says: “I want to welcome you to Byte” in their comment section would get a higher stick rate? How much does doing something that simple help retention? We have one really great community of people. I think the people here are REALLY GREAT. I am going to test it with some numbers.

What would a good sample size be for a test like that?