Does the app come out beginning of spring? Or middle, late?

I’m just excited for this honestly! Who will be viewing my profile when it comes out?! :fire:

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We just know that is coming in spring


all we know is spring!


hey! it’s coming out in spring, and there’s already a topic on this! Release Date? :D use the magnifying glass in the topic right corner before you post, to make sure you don’t accidentally duplicate a post. And yes, i’m very excited too! :grin:


April, maybe… I hope so…


No idea just know spring confirmed

No clue yet … I wish it comes out in March late march , however I am not sure… my best bet would be early April. All is dependent on how well the Beta goes… :slight_smile: I’ve never been so excited for something in my whole life.

We don’t really know right now. All we’ve been told is that it will be in spring still! :smiley:

Also, there’s been a lot of topics already made on this subject, so make sure to search before you post to avoid duplicates :+1:

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Hello :slightly_smiling_face:. All we know is that the release is currently scheduled for spring 2019, nothing else. As far as anything else, that’s just guessing and speculation. Please use the search bar to find any topics already covering this!