Does that count for anything

I don’t know if this question has been asked before, but for this partnership program , are the winners chosen off content or numbers of likes and followers. I’m not really a big page but make good bytes but don’t know what actually determines being picked. The question has probably been asked before but I’m just wondering.


“Anyone and everyone is eligible for the program, even if today is your first day on byte.” (USA only)



You see that’s what I’m hoping for. Some people have Larger engagement that I can tell is being abused off rebytes and spam likes. Was just hoping there was more to it than just following and likes lol. Now I feel good again😂


They would prefer you to stay consistent on uploading. I mean even people with large engagement have that issue at times because they have a greater cushion to lean on. So I’d say stay consistent and you may even outwork them!


I’m anxious. I don’t think I will get it but I just want the wait to be over. :joy:


See for me, it’s a little different. Most days I’m like, “there is no way 100 in the USA are better than me, not even 50!” Then other days like recently, I’m just doubting. I try to balance it out thoUgh. If I knew what they were looking for atleast, I’d really be at peace​:man_shrugging:t5::joy:


Describe consistent though? Some days I post once every day, other times I post atleast 2/3 times apart from each video. I’m trying to outwork them but the type of videos I create aren’t easy but I make them since I know it’s different from the way other Byters create videos. I don’t know if they are looking for uniqueness as well. I use Greenscreens ever since Byte made the announcements and while some ppl use that as well, I know the way I use it is a bit different in a way which is why I figured at first it was about uniqueness until recently I started thinking it was numbers as well


I’m trying not to be impatient. I’m sure there are reasons they are taking their time with it. Part of me feels like I have a good chance because I do art instead of sketch videos. There are just less art byters to pick from. But I don’t even know if that matters. My “art” could be the antithesis of what they are looking for. Just lots of self doubt.


I really hope they try to spread the offers across all the channels. I don’t really post to anything other than comedy but I’d really like to see promotion and encouragement from Art, Weird, and some of the other interesting channels, for sure.


Same. I feel like I’m low key also being hard on myself. I believe if you make it unique and people are entertained then you might have a shot but then again. Idk. All you can be is consistent tho :man_shrugging:t5:

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I believe it’s not just comedy that qualifies. I think it may be harder for others categories but I don’t believe they are excluded

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Here is my assumptions (I might be wrong, been before) on the factors that matters:

  1. engagements rate (loops, comments, likes, and maybe rebytes since there is a unfair practice of people abusing it) - this determine quality of videos posted
  2. Loops to number videos ratio - retention rate
  3. consistency of daily activity (tracked by uploads or engagements with others)
  4. the “star rating” and follower count

That list of user can generated from a DB query filter - then human evaluation will take place for original content, full screen content, and basic quality.

That’s what I would do to streamline and objectively select the candidates- like I said, I could totally be wrong, been plenty of time before :blush:

So don’t stress over it, it’s not gonna help or hurt, just continue creating and enjoy the process :slight_smile: Henry

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Like not too much because dom said working too much could work against you. but also not waiting either. I would say do bytes every day except weekends or whichever works for you. Be consistent but also leave room for your current bytes to grow also.