Does hashtagging actually help?

Does hashtagging actually help? Has it helped you? Tell me about your experience so far with hashtags.


I’ll be honest.

I’d prefer if Hashtags were handled like tumblr.
You pick your category.
Add comments
Then you have a hidden (or you only see it if you are at the top of the comments) hashtag field that allows up to say 10 hashtags.

I get using hashtags, as I never know where to put my stuff. Art, animation, edits, weird, funny, etc.
So being able to hashtag and better expose my stuff is great.

But seeing #bytegang #l4l #R4R #foolow4foolow etc. and it covering up the post is a PITA, and ruins the look IMHO.


I would like to know as well. I haven’t been using them because I rarely see them and don’t often click on them but I think it would be helpful to search for things in the future.


It doesn’t help as of now, but hopefully long terms


My thoughts is that I don’t use it to discover content, so I doubt me using it will help people discover me. Hashtags such as #trending and #comedy always come off as more superstitious to me than practical.


Yea i was thinking that to myself like, there isn’t a way to manually search a specific hashtag. And if there was i don’t go out of my way to look for vids via hashtags either


They do absolutely nothing.
(In my opinion)


An afterthought to my previous comment is that using hashtags ironically is sort of an inseparable part of the grammar of social media, and so that’s a…use.


Well I do click on the ones I’m interested in, so in a way yes. Looking forward to a search feature.


They don’t currently help imo, but I’m sure that will change once you can search hashtags, which will be coming soon so yay : )


Yea i don’t like hashtags or using them cause i don’t know what to hashtag lol. I feel it going to help when byte reaches the outreach from promoting the app.




Here’s the thing on Hashtags that I noticed:

  1. only honor first 3
  2. if you tag someone ahead of the hashtags, it seems to count the tag as a “hashtag” - like our recent video today, we gave credit to another user for the joke and the 3rd tag wasn’t honor.
  3. It will work if users tap on the hashtags - might be relatively new and users don’t understand that it tappable

Now, I’m not sure how it plays into the “mix” tab or the “popular” pages, but i’m assuming that based on engagements rates unless Byte got someone manually selecting which one goes on there, which i’m sure it’s not the case.

I would say use relevant ones that add context to your video - Henry

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hashtags are for categorization, not necessarily increasing reach. that’s a side effect that might happen once there’s hashtag search and trends but isn’t the main intention


Can’t wait :face_with_hand_over_mouth::eyes:

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I’m all for more categorization. I can never figure out which one to put my stuff in as it tends to be a hybrid. :+1::+1:

Not right now, but maybe in the future it will.