Does Byte have Potentials?

@SirIsaac shared an article published by the New York Times, titled “Vine Made the Internet Fall in Love With Short Videos”


Opinion: I hate 15-sec videos or longer videos. My attention span is short, I lose focus and get bored easily if it isn’t entertaining. TT being our competition (as people say) has a greater advantage than byte, since it offers long video and has a lot of active users.

I created byte because of “6 sec” and 6 sec means a lot. I literally can watch 2 different videos under 15 secs which doesn’t go to waste (unlike TT). I can watch 10 different byte videos under 1 min, do the math.

Byte is for me, so it is for you. VINE pave the way! #CreativityFirst

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The article mentions ContentTheft LOL (not by name though)


Happy Birthday :sob::ok_hand:t4:


i think it has potential :slight_smile:


A summon? Oh, it’s my boy Tupac.

I, like everyone and their mother, had their doubts about the 6-second format. I was sometimes frustrated that my Bytes would drag out to 7 or 8 seconds and I’d be unable to make them, or have to trim them down so much that I no longer found them funny. But see – making videos longer is NOT a solution. It doesn’t make us unique in any way if we just…make videos longer – Vine did so at the end of its life span, and by doing so, all we do is become an Instagram or a Snapchat, but with less features.

6-seconds is the creative challenge. It forces you to be creative with every microsecond, every shot, every joke. That’s what creates high-quality content and pushes high-quality stuff to the top, it’s an addicting, neverending consumption of small, BYTE-SIZED humor. That’s what makes it unique. Not 10 seconds. Not 15 seconds. And certainly not up to 1 minute. Six seconds. (Though, I wouldn’t mind 8 seconds, to fit with the theme of a Byte being 8 bits). Still, my point stands, if people get one time extension, then naysayers might ask for more…and that’s definitely not what we want. :^)


Byte has potential. Patience and consistency is key :innocent:


the last bit of the article is very touching

:thinking: Wonder what byte will be like in a few months when summer kicks in up here and everyone’s up and about. More time for content creating and your more open to options on where and when to film.


The creative challenge has always been my argument to defend Byte and I will always defend the 6s cap. It was done before and worked brilliantly before so surely in the ‘instant gratification’ era and culture, it’ll work again


I think the app will begin to blow during spring break and summertime :rocket:


We should limit ur respond to read under 6.5 secs to keep in true spirit of Byte :joy:


8 sec makes sense, but I’m pretty sure users will ask for too more. This happened when insta used to have 15 sec, users begged for more when it wasn’t enough then it was 1 min now. Now it’s up to 60 mins and IGTV didn’t do well.

So we’re better off with 6 sec forever! :triumph:



The legend himself speaks and everyone listens :pleading_face:


Byte def has potential. The creative challenge offered by Vine (and now Byte) really make the content, I think. And the ability to consume 10 unique pieces of content in a minute is pretty appealing. In the month that Byte’s been out of beta, I’ve encountered so many creative people in the music & arts spaces, and it’s so cool to see what everyone is creating.


Drops Mic :studio_microphone:


Is it bad that enjoy reading this forum more that watching Byte videos - that might be a problem though :thinking:


I agree! I believe that videos more than 15 seconds are too long and I also believe that Byte has great potential! It disappointed me that Zane and Heath (former Vine comedy stars) stated on their podcast that that they didn’t like Byte mainly because there are no cool editing features (like Tik Tok) that can be done within Byte’s camera. I’m not sure if people remember/know this, but at one point Vine actually had a lot of camera features (one of which allowed you to add music tracks to your videos). Vine was actually where the lip sync/ dancing videos came from. Tik Tok just took the idea and made the videos longer. I don’t think that that was fair for them to say because this is a brand new app (in a couple of days it would’ve been only been out for a month). I’m pretty sure that the Byte team is working on improving the camera. I think that they should add the music feature back, add some filters, add a zoom feature, add a slo-mo and speed up camera option, add somewhere to post byte drafts, and maybe a feature to schedule when your bytes are released? I’m pretty sure that most of those ideas were addressed to the team already and they are probably working on them, but I think adding those features may address some of Zane and Heath’s concerns. I just think that they need to give the Byte team some time, I know that they have a lot on their plate right now.


I love the forums so much but I wished more people would post more interesting topics; instead of similar topics revolving around “Byte engagement” :triumph:


It’s an open forum and people are on Byte early to be early adopters, ang their concern about engagements are very valid - or else, then would be happy posting on MySpace


I believe those features will come later, byte shouldn’t rush all at once, some areas to some improvements and what not. But, remember it hasn’t been a full year, this is the start!


Lol :joy::rofl: