Does Byte AKA Vine 2.0 Live Up To The Hype, Or Is Just Another TikTok?


Quotes from the article:

“Why would a generation pre-exposed to TikTok take a risk on a relatively new app?” :pensive:

“A lot of the app’s features are identical to Vine’s, and its newer tools are already offered by TikTok.” false :worried:

“In order to get those eyeballs, Byte creators will have to lean into the weird, candid and wonderful, instead of relying on pre-existing media.” …

“…Vine crawled so TikTok could walk, so Byte could follow behind from a respectable distance.” seems fair the app has potential :wink:

Thoughts :eyes:


Our whole thing is not relying on pre-existing media. That’s why I like byte and that’s why others will as well. There are tons of people like us who are wanting to create from scratch. And I personally don’t feel comfortable on camera. I’m working on it. And that’s just not an option on tiktok unless you are just reposting other’s stuff.


I personally think it’s a fair assessment of the current state of Byte and TT. A lot of what the writer says is quite fair. I even feel like it’s praising Byte.


I have never seen a community like byte’s on any platform I’ve been a part of. I may be wrong but has any other app had this level of transparency between app creators and content creators? This level of communication between content creators regardless of their following size? I wonder are they taking any of that into account when suggesting byte can follow behind from a respectable distance? :unamused:


It wasn’t bias :goat: writer was neutral made few valid points but still… the TITLE :unamused:


Different is key, that’s why Byte is creativity first no need for pre-existing media (maybe)

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Yes, ofc and I definitely agree on the community part! In the article it mentions

“Since its launch, Byte’s website has offered a community forum for users to discuss relevant topics, creator tips and the app’s latest updates.” positive for byte

“It’s a far cry from TikTok’s approach to community engagement, which has frustrated creators over arbitrary takedowns of content and a limited appeal process.” negative for TT

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I’ll keep this in mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like a lot of the article’s perspective on the shape of Byte and what makes “Byte energy” -

TikTok was quick to salvage some of Vine’s style and those who championed it, in addition to offering new editing tools and an infinite sound catalogue. It encourages videos taken on smartphones with minimal cuts (such as dance videos), compared to Byte’s current slate of high-quality, cleanly edited clips.

Vines were standalone pieces of art, not videos that built upon or referenced others. In order to get those eyeballs, Byte creators will have to lean into the weird, candid and wonderful, instead of relying on pre-existing media.

And emphasis and quotablity and memorability. I noticed that with the “TikTiks with Vine energy” compilation - they don’t really nestle into your head the way “ROAD WORK AHEAD!? Um, I sure…” does


Ok, random perspective: Instagram was almost entirely populated by professional photographers when it started. I was one. People would comment on my photos and say they felt nervous to post (my stuff wasn’t even that good comparatively) because of all the quality. But it grew into something huge and I think byte will as well. It took almost 10 years for Instagram to peak. I think it did about 2016. But people are tired of influencers and fake lifestyle pages. They like genuine creativity and for their fiction to be clearly labeled.


It’s early days, but what’s clear from its first two months is that Byte shouldn’t be seen as a competitor to video behemoth TikTok, but a breeding ground for a different kind of creation.

I liked that quote. : )

I think its fair to criticise byte at the moment for the lack of some features but its also fair to remember how new the app is too which this article does state.


I think that since byte is pretty fresh. It’ll take it’s time to get more and more “popular” ( i don’t like that term but it’s basically what it has to be for it to work ). It’s kinda like a snowball on a hill, at first it starts as small but the more it goes down and gain momentum, the bigger it gets. Personnally, I’d say that it won’t be “popular” until maybe next year.

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