Does anyone’s app crash after the 3 second mark of a Byte from time to time?

Idk why but from time to time my Byte app crashes after getting 3 seconds into a Byte. It doesn’t always do it, rather it does it from time to time. I’m bringing it up now because it’s currently happening right now and the problem usually resolves it’s self after hours.


Still could use some help here, it stopped doing that an hour after I first dropped this but now it started doing it again

what kind of iPhone, and any chance it’s low on storage?

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Iphone 8plus and it still has abou 20gb of storage left. It does it stranglely from time to time. Idk why

yeah, that’s really weird. it’s always at the exact same mark? when you say 3s do you mean halfway through or literally at the 3s mark (which would be a little earlier in the new 8s build)


If it’s not at 3, it’s either 2seconds in. Even before it switched over to the 8 second format of Byte. It does it from time to time. There are moments where I can’t finish watching a whole Byte and either have to guess how it ended or wait till the problem temporarily resolves itself

oh while you’re watching… that’s interesting. are you on the beta? if so can you submit a crash report next time it happens and you reopen the app? and write a comment that is like “DOM THIS IS BRIANIKENNA AND THIS IS THE CRASH I WAS TALKING ABOUT”. it should show up in our crash panel then


Yea I’m on the Beta, I figured this was a bug report but I’ll fill that out. It happens when watching but even when I’m about to submit a video pre-draft mode, it cuts off at the 2 to 3 second marker. Sometimes though. Mostly occurs with watching though.

cool, the app should prompt you next time you reopen after a crash. thanks for reporting :slight_smile:


It’s doing it right now, I don’t know how to report it through the app since it’s not actually crashing me out the app but more crashing as far as stopping two to three seconds into Byte.

I can try to screen record it

yep please do

I tried to send it here but it says files too big, tried to change the resolution of the screen record but still said the same thing, tried to see if I could send it through email but I didn’t know what email to send it to. Now I just sent it through IG

you can just use

Didn’t know about it, thanks!

thanks for recording this! are you using any kind of headphones or did you have another app that does video or audio open?

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I don’t usually use headphones when on this app but when I do this doesn’t happen. By other, what do you mean?

so if you close all your other apps i bet it will fix the bug… the question is which app is causing it and how we can fix it. you could also close one by one and see which one has an effect but that’s kind of annoying

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Yoooo I just realized something. I don’t think Byte is capable of handling apps that stream to your TV, even if those apps are doing it in the background. I realize I own a Google chrome cast and stream devices like Netflix , Hulu, and Spotify on my Tv that’s connected to my phone. Before the lockdown, I was barely using the streaming services on my Tv so when it would happen “once in a blue moon”, I didn’t think it was that serious to report. Now since the lockdown, I’ve been using those streaming services a lot more it’s been happening very frequently which is why I’m bringing it to your attention. I’m just realizing it’s that fact that I’m streaming apps on my TV from my phone in the background while using Byte. I’m using the apps now and the problem now happened but when I close out of them it goes back to normal. Idk if this happens on other apps but it’s happening here.

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