Does anyone remember the anime community?

I was so happy that the anime community had their own category, but it’s been so broken without it. Instagram is somewhat of the norm now, but I’ve seen others on Zen and other apps


i’m not entirely sure what you’re on about but i love anime :3


i remember the amv community i was an editor as well. It was a really good place for viewing other peoples edits im rlly excited for when this app comes out


What was it like? I never used the og Vine so I wouldn’t know… But anime is pretty cool(some, not the weird ones)

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on :vine: there was a comedy dance edits anime and sports category for people to view.


weird that you didn’t use the og app since youre on this forum all the time haha


I had a friend who made fan edits and it actually got me into a few different anime’s,

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i do! i wasn’t an editor but i really grew up with the anime community and really attached my emotions and memories to the edits i liked and when vine died i felt like a part of me with that community did too :((

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I remember the amv community. There was a lot of very cool edits that people made with only 6 seconds

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yeah= lolol


What does “amv” mean?

Normally means Anime Music Video, and sometimes I think animated music video. Depends on context.

Edit: But for the most part are the same thing

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toradora! is great and wholesome. I’m sure the anime community will be able to find their place in the new app!

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It was an editing community (primarily) we made like short 6 second amvs (anime music videos). A lot of people moved to Instagram but I’m sure they’d come back to vine :slight_smile:


I finished Toradora! recently! Loved it!

Well we have /amv and /weebs now :3