Does anyone know when Byte is expected to release?

I know Dom said Spring 2019 is when its launching but is that March? April? Mid-March? Early-April? Like does anyone at least know the month and then if its early in the month, middle of the month or towards the end of it?

And is it going public in summer or is it all releasing in Spring? cause I heard that the Spring version is just for the beta testers.

Please reply if you actually know or are very sure of it.


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Hello, there are multiple topics similar to yours, so please use the search bar before making a post to refrain from having duplicate topics.

There is no official date for the launch, however we are all estimating late March to mid-April.
There is no official information on beta testing either, so no one can answer these questions to certainty.

Hope this helped!


There isn’t a fixed date yet as far as we know, but spring 2019 is supposed to be the confirmed window. I believe January is when the first beta wave comes out, and there are already 2 signups that happened! There are some posts already speculating the date for fun, but nothing official.
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@Flo lmao


Who told you that January is when the beta wave comes out?
Do you know when in Spring?
Also, how many people will have the beta version?

How’d you guys estimate late March to mid-April?
And do you know any info on how many beta testers there’ll be

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March to mid-April? Bro that’s still winter lmao. Like there’s the calendar spring (March 21 to June 21) and there’s like the weather spring (early-May to mid-June)

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Umm okay, bro.


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Search before creating a topic. There’s a great deal of info about this out there. Duplicate topics only clutter the feed and don’t add to the ongoing conversations.