Does anyone here play Fortnite?

We’ve been having sooo much fun with it lately!

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I started playing recently and I’m obsessed :video_game::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Now and again, only the pvp mode though. Still haven’t come first yet :laughing:

I have never heard of fortnite, is that weird?

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Yep on Xbox

just downloaded it today, we’ll see how it goes!


Any pc players?

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Very weird :joy: It’s more than a game its a family.


I might try it if I have the console for it :joy:

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Me but I don’t do serious gaming, only casual

Yeah I’ve got 15 wins

You can play on xbox ps4 and pc if you have a decent one

I will try it on my pc

Hey, does it work on PS4, can you tell me??

Should I start playing?

For the people confused, Fortnite has a “Battle Royal” mode that can be downloaded for free on pc, ps4 or xbox. The game is blowing up right now because of how fun it is. watch some youtube videos if your interested. ImTheMyth is a good player

The minute I landed on Fortnite I was beaten to death with an axe while my partner watched

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If someone wanna play drop me your username on discord and PSN

It’s very addicting. My iPhone SE handles the game super well, which is surprising because my MacBook Air can barely play it. :sweat_smile: