Does anyone else just constantly have v*** ideas popping up in their head?

I never knew I’d ever be this obsessed about something ever, lmao
Can’t wait for the release~


Yes 8char

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Yeah a lot I mean u can follow me on the app lol

Yeas all the time I’m so excited

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Who Else Is Shacking For ■■■■■■.0

Dude, me either. I have a whole notebook filled lol these were “v*nes” i never got to do before the OG shut down

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YEA I’m so excited I just keep thinking of random video ideas

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Yes, of course


Yep, I have 180+ ideas written down :joy::joy:

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Yes I’ve already got a couple of V2 pland

I’m actually writing them down just because I won’t be able to remember them all. Who else is excited?


all the time have a notepad full of ideas

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You guys are smart I just have great ideas all of the time and forget them a little later. Up until lately, I didn’t think there was any reason to save them!

Every like mili second