Does anyone do this with a watch?

so i got an apple watch back in june and since then i often have it on my wrist when i go out to school or anyplace other than my house just like all of us with any ordinary watch.

then one day, today i literally felt like i was “naked” since i didn’t have my watch on my wrist and someone asked me for the time and i was like “its…” and i didn’t have my watch. forgetting that i left my watch at home

such a common mistake and if you are reading this then thanks for reading my stupid short story about today at school.


I’ve got a Fitbit which means it’s electronic which means I never forget 2019’s creations…

Old things tho, I do


I’ve never had a watch in my life, but I do have a silicone wristband that I’ve been wearing since 2016 and I think I would feel naked once I’d take if off, the same goes with forgetting my iPhone! :joy:


yooo i feel the same when i forget my rolex


I used to have a watch but it broke a few weeks ago and i havent bought a new one yet. It wasnt a fancy expensive watch or anything but yeah ive worn it like everyday for 4 years. So my wrist feels “naked”. Hope i get a new one soon.


I never have I watch, I need to bring one w me more places lol

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