Do you think v2 is going to be like v*** or more of a rival to youtube?

so recently i have been thinking will v2 be better than vine or will it be a rival to youtube because as youve seen youtube is going down the pan, if v2 isnt going to be a rival for youtube i wanted to attemp to make a website for everyone upload videos to rival youtube but i am no good with computer stuff, so what does everyone think will v2 be better than vine or will it be a rival to youtube?


I guess both. Since they’re both video sharing platforms they’re bound to be rivals. But v2 is pretty much vine so yeah

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Youtube is owned by Google which is a huge company. Videos on Youtube are longer than Vine videos and most people from Vine go to Youtube.Check out a similar topic.


I feel like with all the controversy surrounding youtube we will most likely see a lot more rivalry between the two video sharing site/app.

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I really hope that v2 becomes a competitor to YouTube. If v2 does become s competitor to YouTube it will force YouTube to better itself and I think that’s incredibly important due to the fact that it has such a monopolistic hold on the type of content that is on there.
I hope with every fiber of my being that v2 forces YouTube to be better and allows both platforms to grow and thrive


It’s entirely dependant on if Vines are longer on V2 and if it can financially compete with YouTube.
If people who’re established on YouTube can’t switch platforms and continue to make a living on v2 then it won’t become a rival.

I don’t see V2 becoming a competitor to youtube any time soon. With the amount of money and the backing youtube has in the mainstream it’ll take years for a competitor to get near


A big part of Vine that made it exciting in the beginning was the limitation of creation, in my opinion. Apps have been becoming indistinguishable from one another because they all try to have every feature imaginable.

I’m not suggesting to strip away every new feature that Vine had, but I wish there was more of a challenge to making content, like recording in app, six seconds only, etc. It made Vine interesting from other social medias!

Might just be my nostalgia talking.

So yeah I hope V2 focuses on trying to capture some magic of being different, rather than being better at some things than a competitor.

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If it’s any help, there’s another thread that talks about v2 being a competitor here:

Will this be a competitor to Youtube, because as a Youtuber, we so need that rn

I do see the possibility of v2 being a competitor for youtube but, youtube is run by such a big company and the platform is huge, it would be difficult. I can also see creators from youtube not including the old V.i.n.e.r.s coming onto to v2 and using it to promote there v2 profiles

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Nope! I really hope that will be like Vine ! 6 seconds video etc… I really have the impression that the Vine era was a really good one.

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Vine will never compare to YouTube. Youtube is the most powerful social media platforms.

i see where your all coming from… but like if v2 lasts longer than the original vine (yeah i know theres a topic for that) i reckon it could become a competitor/rival for youtube, if it doesn’t then maybe some people should get together and have a crack at it?

I honestly don’t believe the V2 platform will be a rival to YouTube, but rather a more short form compliment to YouTube. As I personally see it, there will inevitably be plenty of V2 artists posting on YouTube and Vice Versa; as the V2 community grows and watches more content, viewers will want to see more longer form content from their favorite artists. Similarly with YouTube, creators will want to post shorter updates and shorter form content on the V2 platform.

yes, especially youtube is being a dick with its content creators. specifically, small content creators

i think ■■■■■■ should be youtube’s rival because youtube is no longer for the people and ■■■■■■ should be

■■■■■■ should be because youtube is longer youtube a lot of thinks has change

Youtube - long videos
V2 - 6 second videos

I honestly don’t think v2 is going to be a rival of YouTube, because of the video length. However, if v2 grows rapidly, there’s a chance that YouTube viewers might use v2 more to watch comedy content.

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I think V2 will be it’s own thing, like Snapchat and work alongside YouTube.

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V2 and YouTube are two different platforms. YouTube is more of vloging and has no limit to it and v2 from what I assume it will be quick and short videos to be shared in a microblogging way. In that sense they’re very much different but I can see some creators switching from YouTube to v2.