Do you think Twitters V*ne and V2 will get in a dispute?

Does anyone think that any problems will arise such as lawsuits and controversy between the 2 companies in the future? :anguished:

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Controversy, yes. Problems? No. V2 is not Vine and won’t be much alike besides the short length video.


I would like to think there is none and I agree if V2 will be very different but is appearing to be much like v*ne

Videos so far won’t be square but full screen. There will be teams and a bunch more cool things. The only similarity I have found lately is that they both start with V and the video length.

But we don’t know much yet. So it can end up being very similar, who knows.

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Hopefully no problems, Thanks for your input Jose :smile:


I don’t think so. Twitter shut Vine down, and people miss it, which is why V2 is in the works.

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I was just saying because Twitter still owns rights to Vine but hopefully no problems between them…

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I see what your saying but what your describing just sounds like Vine with updates lol

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I wasn’t sure if they would be very similar but I’m seeing that they won’t be very similar

Twitter doesn’t have a patent on a 6 second video platform. They don’t own that basic idea. So, they either don’t like it, or just don’t care cuz it’s not online anymore and doesn’t care since it’s not making money. I don’t think it will be a problem

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Cool :+1: Hopefully

Thanks Kelsey!

I never think that, maybe