Do you think smart homes will cause more theft? (poll)

  • Yes
  • No

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As new homes become more and more automated with with voice and AI technology, how do you think criminals will use this to their advantage?

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Depends on the home itself. Cause if its things that aren’t visible to others then no. But if you can see it from the street then yes


Yes people can hack anything these days

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Idk on one hand if you got one it means you have money on the other it means there’s more chance you’ll get caught if you break in

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I doubt it. most people who will target average houses wont want to put the effort of hacking and ect. If you have enough money where someone with skill is willing to risk it, I am sure youd have enough money to afford a baseline security system.


Hopefully these SMART homes will be “smart” enough to prevent thefts.
Otherwise, what was the point? :man_shrugging:

True, but it’s definitely something to think about. As more and more people are delieving goods from online stores like Amazon, people will need to have their front door to have some kind of gate around it so theives won’t take it. Agree with what you said.



My Response:

That’s exactly what I was thinking


Idk on one hand…

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Didn’t think about it that way, but you have a point. A lot of these smart homes have cameras and if you hack into it you’re bound to leave a trace of some sort


I doubt it. most people…

My Response:

You’ve definitively got a point. If one is trying to make a smart home, then you it’s bound to have a couple of cameras in the vicinity



My Response:

That’s true, but a lot of people practice cybersecurity badly. For example not changing the default password in their wi-fi. A lot of cybersecurity is simple, but a lot of people just don’t know the basics of it.

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