Do you think small content creators have a chance of growing their byte?

So I just started making content on Byte. Do you think small creators have a chance of getting noticed? I know that creators who were beta testers got a small advantage of testing out Byte in September which helped them gain a following. Also, influencers who are famous on other platforms such as Youtube have an advantage too. I just really want to grow on Byte someday and hope other small creators can have that chance too!


Yes of course so long as the bytes you make are of a high standard to the viewers you’re catering. The problem with most is that they have a skewed vision of what quality represents to viewers.


Agree with @ByrnesEffect :slight_smile: on this.

You and anyone else that use Byte as their creative outlet can most definitely grow their account. Make sure you’re original, non-spammy, and just do you.


100% they do. Especially with the size of the app right now. It’s small enough that it’s somewhat easy to stand out, but big enough that you can still catch thousands of followers.

Just remember that if you intend on making a career out of content creation, expect that process to take YEARS. Don’t be frustrated if you post a couple videos and they don’t do so well. Building a big, loyal fanbase takes years.


Bruh, like every platform there’s gonna be a lot of fresh talent that gets noticed. Yeah, some people that already have street cred will show but that doesn’t mean that their followers won’t follow the littler, new guys.
Take it day by day, big boi :ok_hand:t5:


I define myself as a small content creator, many may disagrees with this statement. However, I do believe small creators has potential, if you grind and engage you’ll grow become successful. Remember it takes one video or more to make you known/viral.


Byte is only a month out and yes, people in Beta phase might have more head start but it’s relatively new platform - most are small creators on here - starting on YouTube is literally hard to gain followers as well as IG - TikTok still relatively early and can grow quick there like we did - end of day, good content created my persistent creators will always win - good luck if ur endeavors includes being a creator :blush:


I’m trying my best, I’ve gained about 4 followers In the past few days. Even though I’ve had several posts trending. I’m doing well with engagement, just not getting the followers I’d like to be getting with the amount of effort I’m putting in each day.

I’ve been making videos for around 10 years so I know how to exercise patience. I’ve probably made 3-4,000 videos as this point.

I’ve done daily uploads to YouTube back when Cassie Neistat popularized it. I’ve grown my IG over the years by focusing on emotional content mixed into a very niche space in the automotive space.
I blew up on Tik Tok, then they deleted my account for violating community guidelines. They CG system on Tik Tok is clearly very broken.

Hell, I’ve been making video content since the MySpace days.

One thing I can say is that byte is what I would have created after living though the evolution of video platforms. I love the idea of byte, I just hope we can make it work!

There is a fine balance between good content and monetizable content. We have to walk the line between creative and commercial.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on byte ahead of youtube and Instagram!

Because I feel like it has the most potential for small creators to grow with the platform.

I’m just not really seeing the numbers yet, personally.

But everyday I continue to study and refine my content in order to understand what will do well here.

This can get a bit discouraging but at the same time I still believe byte has the most potential for small creators to actually create an income in 2020.

Dom is brilliant, there are a lot of wholesome creators on byte. I believe in us.


All I can say is that we don’t have the people watching Byte to have massive sustainable follower growth. I’m not gonna try guess how many daily users there are, but look at the popular page and then look at the amount of likes on those videos. Then remember that at the start of Byte, a video got 130k (I think) likes and 2.6m loops.

Most of those accounts are probably dead now.

For now, you should just look at loops and likes, rather than followers. If you want followers, go follow unfollow people. but I wouldn’t recommend it

I hope your old content is getting helped by the algorithm! I think it’s actually helping me, though I’m slowly realising that engagement overall is slowing down.


yeah i would definitely not follow then unfollow lol , listen to the other advice if you will , but if i am to add any advice to this , it’s do not do f4f


I can’t bring myself to do any of the shady or spammy tactics. But I do agree with most of what you said!

Your videos are great btw!

Love your stuff :blue_heart::metal:

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I say it 'cause no one else will say it. I slowly but eventually realised that if people are focused solely on follower count, just follow unfollow. It’s kinda like “hey where can I get high”, “yeah dude just by that corner over there”

Actually when I put it like that it kinda makes it sound like I’m helping people shoot up.

And yea just for the record I don’t, I’m still well below 1k followers LUL but it doesn’t matter 'cause it’s slowly getting easier to tell who’s doing it so I don’t have to pit myself against them.

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I’ve trended a few times as well, and haven’t really gotten a huge amount of followers yet,

But I have gotten far, far better engagement and feedback and interaction than I have on any other platform.

I would bet on a big growth spike in March when kids have some freetime for Sprig Break tbh.

Definitely! One thing I hear a lot is consistency and work! Once you do that also while maintaining excellent quality then once you feel comfortable get yourself out there with others then advertise! Advertising / collabs should only happen when you feel most comfortable with your craft though. Then after that it may take a bit but with the your mix and such eventually you will be discovered.