Do you think reddit helps in your social media?

Just wondering, any of the creators here use reddit?


I do not usually use reddit

I use it but I don’t really post much, usually just browse through the top posts

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Sameeee 8char

I love Reddit but I mostly browse tbh. I frequent gaming subreddits and me_irl

I never use it

What’s that tho?

An open source app. Where pretty much most memes are birthed.

Ohhhhhh i get it haha thanks

rarely use it tbh although it is rumored to be the front page of the internet. Its just too confusing to me

I use it every dang day. Great time waster.

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No, not really. I just use an app for browsing the pics. :slight_smile:

Nope not at all

yeah totally! reddit is life!

Many people here use Reddit. It does help but after you achieve karma points. It’s better to keep posting comments and engaging yourself in the threads first.

here is what Reddit owner Alexis Ohanian Tweeting lol.