Do you think Dom should've waited until v2 was ready to be released before he announced it?

Because I kinda do.
That way we might not have to deal with people asking for it to be released immediately, or vxne carbon copies who are trying to get some recognition off of the fact that v2 is coming.


I agree. He released the information waaay too early. I understand that he wanted insight and ideas from the community, however the forums and whatnot could’ve been released later than he did. It reminds me of Yandere Simulator, the game was announced years ago, and everyone was hyped for it, then the creator of it said that the game should be completely finished by 2020, which is ridiculous.


It’s all part of the game though, people copy genius… it’s just the way it is. I don’t be like having to wait but that’s all I can do :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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i don’t think so actually!

he and the team want to take our wishes and thoughts into consideration and to properly do that they would definitely need time.

i think many people are extra impatient because fake accounts stated the app would be out early

it’ll be worth the wait too (:


I think he was trying to keep the process transparent. People making fake apps was definitely not something that could’ve been reasonably foretold. While it might’ve been more hype to be like “I’m making this app btw go download it now” but with the announcement being so far back we are able to prepare for it. It also is a good distance from beta release to see who is going to remain excited about the app and would therefore make a good candidate for beta testing.


I’m glad he did, he can use these forums for any ideas we have that could be implemented into the app.


Well - he did. It was supposed to launch in January, then March. Although that Twitter account was unfortunately forced to shutdown as it was a scam and not associated with Dom or the official V2.

I feel like he did jump the gun a little bit but maybe he was trying to get a vibe from us and see how we would take the project before starting it. Just a thought.


Agreed - but maybe some more should’ve been done (maybe a month early) - I think at least a month early is enough time to get a good vibe. I doubt it was a good idea to announce it approximately 3 months early. The concept shouldn’t reach social media unless the app was confirmed and has a release date.

It’s slightly unorganized and unprofessional - but lets go with the flow!

Where did you get these launch dates from?

what makes you think they are unorganized and professional?

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The “fake” V2 Twitter @Vine2Creators

Due to the fact, the concept was launched too early.

Otherwise from that,
they are organized and professional.

that’s merely opinion though and doesn’t speak on their organization and professionalism

many things are released conceptually far before the actual product is released for various reasons whether it be to get public opinion or to even open up opportunities for potential investors!

i have been waiting for Avatar 2 since 2009 lmfao and i still have 2 more years to wait for it lmfao (:sob:) doesn’t speak on their professionalism or organization despite the millions itching to even watch a trailer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was never ‘supposed’ to be released then. It was just from fake accounts, Dom has said that the app is to be released in the summer.

I’m glad it was announced early! It gave us time to meet each other in the forums, exchange ideas to make v2 even better!


well i mean i like the forums. I think there’s just a bit of a dry spell with no new news lately


Nah there would be no hype around it

Yes and no. Yes, because my fear is that it’s more hyped than actually appreciated. However, if it’s almost everything we asked for then it’s a success. Then I thought, no, because if everyone is excited for it, once It comes out, we could get a ton of content on the first days of it being released which is great for new artists.

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I dont think so, i think that was dom did was great, he make a special marketing trick, He made us anxious. We are all the time thinking about this and that is what Dom want

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