Do you think Dom Hoffmann should sell V2 if someone offers him money? If V2 is out for at the most 2 or 3 years

Noooooo he shouldn’t sell it, this is like his baby !!!

no pls!!!

V2 could become a legit business, so if Dom would get a good offer to sell v2, I think he should take it. Business as usual.

However, in my opinion, I think v2 would be in the best hands with @dom as the owner.

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Vine seemed to go downhill when it was sold, and i don’t want v2 to go the same way. I’ve been following Dom’s twitter for a while now and really trust him with this. He’s also very active in listening to the community and catering for everyone so I’d hate to lose that.

vine was sold prior to launch, so any perceived change in the service was not because of that. that said, there are no plans to sell v2. never say never, but it’s nowhere close to consideration right now.


That’s Great!!! Keep it as your own

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You know, I never enjoyed History Class in school, no matter what Grade I was in, but I do remember the same thing occuring over n over with each Lesson. History always seems to Repeat itself, constantly, ONLY because people allow it to. It’s easier to just lie down, just because you don’t feel like taking a Challenge Head-on. Give in because Times got Hard. Believed all the Crap Everyone else was saying and implying, instead of holding your Ground and pushing back…Short answer: No, don’t Sell out. People have to realize how Revolutionary this Style of App is and how far it Truly can go (Sponsors, Media Expansion, Unifying Tool, Etc.), that the other App was juuuuust beginning to scratch the surface of Potential. This App just needs to be managed better, AND avoid it being unintentionally “Controlled” (financially) by Greedy Artists that Love money, more than they Love the Community they are Involved in. But, that’s just my opinion. (And this was spoken in a gentle, quiet, informative tone, like a Grandma talking about her Grandkids, and not in a Yelling tone :ok_hand: :joy:)

what about for…



Nah, he’s been putting a lot of work into this, shouldn’t just be thrown away for money

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No, please.

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i dont think so.

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Yo let him Atlest start the v2 lets disusses that later :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t believe he will sell the rights to the company. That being said, it is almost certain that he will give away some board seats and equity to private firms and investors. After all, it takes time to make profit and v2 will need cash flow fast to allow for rapid server scaling. Now, if after 2-3 years like you said in your post, it would depend on how well the company is doing. If it is generating revenue with a steady monthly active user increase, then he will likely hold on to it. If it starts going the way of Snapchat, then that’s a whole different story.

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@dom has learned from what happened to V*ne so I think he’ won’t do it, at least not in the near future. This is his baby obviously, so he’ll keep it down lock and key

We love Dom


He learned the lesson

Noo his project his design it’s his :purple_heart:

no matter what happens at some point v2 will get sold off to another company. However, maybe unlike twitter it gets bought by a company that actually cares about the app this time