Do you think Dom Hoffmann should sell V2 if someone offers him money? If V2 is out for at the most 2 or 3 years

What do you guys think if someone offers money to Dom Hoffmann for v2, do you think he should accept or not. I know it’s not our choice, it’s Dom’s, he chooses if he wants to sell v2, but i wanna hear from the community since v2 isn’t out yet.


NOOOO. This is his project and he should make it. He has really good ideas and I like him and trust him somehow for this project.
I don’t want V2 to be ruined.


no WAY. we all saw what happened tothe original vine when it was sold. yikes. its his own project, why give it away?


Uh no. Maybe if he made like millions off it maybe, but no. :joy:

NO NO NO NO, please don’t it will happen the same with vine tho, and btw he is working very hard for v2 I don’t think “sell” is an option

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Honestly I don’t think he should sell it either.

This is his idea and his project. He’s been doing his best for all of us and he deserves all the recognition from it.

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While the money was probably very nice, I think Dom regretted selling Vine to Twitter, which is why he’s creating a new, similar service.


Just a reminder, I don’t mean if he should sell it right now I mean when it’s out.

No v2 is his child and I’m sure all of us love dom for bringing vine back with v2 so he shouldn’t sell it.

No please!

If they offered him money at the beginning? No chance he will, it’s so young and is yet to be developed to it’s full, I believe @dom has a vision or at least ideas about what he wants from a social media platform and other platforms don’t do it, he’s a smart guy he might sell it if he loses passion or he believes there’s nothing else he can do with it but I don’t believe he will sell it unless it is dying and someone offers him a good amount, I believe he’s really involved with this personally and he truly cares for this app and wants it to succeed and change social media as we know it

I don’t mean as soon as it releases, I mean if it’s been out for at least two years then someone offers him money. Just a reminder.

Great reply BTW

Don’t sell it.
“v3” is not an option.

No that is exactly what happened last time and I think it was his biggest regret so he won’t do it again.

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Agreed, took the words right out of my mouth

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two years later… v28

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Snapchat refused to sell themselves to Facebook and I am glad it did. I do not think Dom should sell it

I actually LOVE Snapchat. So sad other apps are copying them :tired_face: