Do you render videos in 1080p/60fps or 30fps?

I love rendering my videos in 60fps for my sketches, but I wonder what everyone else thinks; what their preferences are?

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Usually 30fps is great for everything. 60 is mostly for slow mo

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I render my vids in 30fps and 1080p

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I feel that. My Sony a6000 shoots in 1440p at the highest quality. I don’t do anything slo-mo though. Finally figured out how to post at 1440p60fps. Honestly, aside from some light settings, it came out pretty good!

60 normally, just seems more smooth

as long as its 1080p don’t really care about framerate.

60 fps seems smooth in low action shots but when there’s lots of movement it gets choppy

1080 almost always

The most common and versatile format is 1080p/30

I render in 60fps.

I upload Apex Compilations, so for gaming I prefer 60fps