Do you remember your first v*ne video?

I remember my first video, it was like a guy vomiting out an orange or something lol.

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This was one of my first vines :joy:

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The first i watch i cant remember that
The first i made was me on a trip

My first Vine:

  • I was pretty young back when I made it. I don’t exactly remember how old I was or when I made it, but I remember that I was small and kinda fat.

  • I had long hair, was dancing in the Vine, I was doing weird girl-ish moves (because I used to think that it was funny -it actually is-).

Yessss I was dancing :dancer: adn my brother hit my face with his feet :unamused::unamused::rofl:

Hahaha omg

Good lord I hope u were ok but I low-key wanna see that video

Hahaha if I find it again you will watch, that hurt a lot hahaha we were “twerking” hahaha and yeah tha happened

I think mine was the one of the girl in the purple coat falling back of a swing & then goin into Wii bowling :joy::joy: absolute class

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Omg :joy: now I really wanna see it

Yes, it was a Pacman v*ne. :slight_smile:

@EliG That’s a classic one! When you search for compilations on YouTube, your v*ne comes by a lot!! :rofl:

Mine was called “If cars made animal noises.” and it was me filming cars going by and making animal noises while they did

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Oh! :joy::joy: No sorry I wish!, haha can you imagine?! I got confused by the topic I thought it meant what was the first vine video you remember seeing

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@EliG Still loving that v*ne though. :joy:

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My first vine was me texting in bed and my phone fell on my face… in slow mo with Wiz Khalifa “See you again” music, and a GTA “wasted” effect when it hit my face x)