Do you need to make the videos ON V2?

I didn’t use the original Vine so I’m not sure how it worked on there, but I was just wondering, will you be able to upload normal videos on V2 without having to edit it on the app or something?

Like, if I made a 6 second video now would I be able to go from my gallery and upload it to V2 when it comes out?

I think you could do that on the original Vine but idk because I didn’t use it so just curious.



Yes there is no problem, There are people who edited their content and people who did not and equally the content was very good

Welcome to V2 :heart:

Nah fam :yum:

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Yes, I think you can just put videos from your galery

I really hope so

I’ve read that you can post content from your gallery.

Anyway, I hope editing videos on the app to be better so we choose that instead of other apps

Yea the beauty of the old app was people making some of the funniest and creative videos with only 7 seconds of time.

Posting from your gallery would be nice, lots of artists did so on the old app. I think you can get really creative with professionally edited videos being uploaded to v2.