Do you know an interesting fact? Want to host a video? Let's collaborate!

As of this post I have six collaboration videos released, and two more lined up! Though there are a few people in waiting to get back to me.

For those who don’t know me, I make 6 second fact videos and I’ve already made over 60 of them. My account is @thinkfact

I’ve been testing collaborations out, and I think they are well received and feasible for me to do.

So, I’m willing to open the floodgates, if you would like to host a fact I would love to have you! It doesn’t matter how big your audience is, I think this would be a great opportunity for both big and small creators. I’m an equal opportunity collaborator. :grin:

But, what does matter most is how good your fact is! If you have one, please provide a citation by means of a website to back it up, it saves me from having to do a lot of work in that department.

If you are selected, you have the choice to just send me a regular video filmed in landscape, and I can edit it like my own stuff. Or, you can do the editing and make it unique and stand out even more.

If you do the latter, make sure to leave space for me to put the guest number on the screen.

I post collaborations every other day, so depending on how many people participated you could get pushed back a little ways. That said, this could also give you more time. For now I’m only having people host one fact. But if you have a few facts that you like, list them here and I can help narrow them down with you.

I’m excited about this project, we all could create the single largest collaboration project on the platform!

-Submission process musts-
Tell me if you’re editing it all, or you are sending me footage to edit.

What is your fact (s)

Citation via a link.

-My selection process-

Don’t do a fact that’s already been done. I got a lot of videos, I will let you know if it has been done.

I’m a bit particular about the types of facts I will show. Nothing inappropriate or hateful will make it in. Ideally, if it could be shown in an elementary school it’s fine.

Of course, some facts are interesting but not easily able to be condensed. See if you can condense it into 6.5 seconds first. I could see if I can help.

Of course, the more obscure and interesting the more likely I will pick it. That also includes if I have to do less work, but it’s obviously not a deal breaker. Be aware, I will be researching the facts I select. If there is a problem with the fact, please understand.

I still reserve the right to say no, sometimes some facts just aren’t up to par. And that’s okay, try again. I’m very adamant to make clear that it is nothing personal if I don’t select yours.

Facts are first come first serve, if someone above mention the fact that you want to do first, they are entitled to it if that is the one they want to present.

My goal is to always have five people lined up. So I will be selecting a few people here, and may come back to this chat at a later point.

Thank you, and good luck! This should be fun!


Fact: Most Expensive Pizza in the World

Source: View

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Fact: the only MLB team to have not made it to the World Series

Source: Right here


I could give you hundreds of facts I like learning about lots of different things :joy:


That is one pricy pizza! I love it! You can DM me your script, and if you need help let me know. I will give you my email there to send it to.

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Oh, that is a good one! I wonder if it would do better for baseball season? That said, DM me your script and I can give you an email to send it to.

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Got to pick one, but you can offer me a few. I have had most people DM me. So if you want to do that you can, or you can list a few here.

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Got you.

I had something else but I’m changing it. Here’s my new one:

It is illegal in some states to keep hedgehogs as pets.


Fact: The only company that can use the term ‘Tater Tots’ is the Ore-Ida company. Other brands have to use a different term for them.


I’ve heard this one, It’s pretty interesting! It’s because hedgehogs are actually not from the Americas, they’re invasive.

DM me with your script, and I’ll talk about a way to send it to me!

Ah, so the trademark term? That’s really interesting. Kind of like Band-Aid being used for everything when it’s technically not. It’s a brand.

That’s a good one, send me a DM and I will talk to you about how to send it to me!

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Fact: there is a set of biracial twins in the UK, one is white and one is white.their names are lucy and Maria aylmer
I think that there really unique and beautiful.


Where can I Dm you?

Click on his profile and then click send a message.

The most interesting fact I know is that there is a species of duck with a penis so long they can use it to literally lasso female ducks to have sex. Or that duck penises are shaped like screws and that duck vaginas have left turns and dead ends. But I definitely wouldn’t tell that to a 5th grader so lmao. I know way too much about duck sex.

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Yeah it’s illegal in Georgia where I live and it’s so upsetting lol

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If you’d like to do a duck fact, you could do one over the enormous prehistoric duck like animals that were among the biggest birds ever.

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Bioluminescence in the ocean in caused by an expression of energy by phytoplankton when you touch them

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I really like this one! If you would like to host it dm me and I will send you contact information on how to send it to me!