Do you have more than one Byte channel?

So I have a byte channel that’s mainly comedy, but I enjoy other topics/niches such as art and cooking. Do you think I should get a second one or just stick with one channel for now?


Naw I only have one. I’d rather just keep it simple


Well, it honestly depends on your viewership. If you don’t have a lot of regular viewers/followers on your channel, then I suggest you try the art and cooking on your main channel, just to experiment and see what people like that you have to offer.

However, if you do have a lot of regular viewers/followers on your comedy channel and/or you’re very intent on making your main channel primarily comedy, then yes, I’d suggest creating a new channel for the art and cooking just to separate the two different genres. :blush:


I didn’t at first but now i have two. my main @ceduh and then @hudec which is where i can spam and shitpost.


Personally 1 account is best imo. Id post whatever i wanted it in one. Since 2 accounts can be harder to maintain and you hope one isnt neglected. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Lol, I have two… The plan is to have the other to be random

I don’t think there’s any problem having more than one. There are plenty of people who have an instagram that end up segmenting their pages due to having different focuses. I’d just say make sure that you can upkeep a second channel, don’t just make it for the heck of it cause it defeats the purpose of segmenting your viewership. Also try to keep your branding generally the same across both so people can get to know you specifically.

I have a second account and I’d love to use it to shit post but unless account switching comes out I probably won’t. Or I could buy a new phone :eyes:

As for your scenario, I agree with @J.Key

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I’m having trouble keeping up posts on byte and insta. I have neglected insta a lot.

But if you like to shit-post a ton (I know the compulsion) then maybe have a more personal account and a more structured account. But honestly, I’m just going to stick with one.

Unless I become famous. Then I’ll make my assist manage one. :upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: