Do you have any Mental Health Problems? This is a safe place

I personally have anxiety and mild depression. I am getting treated for the anxiety.


What’s stability? :// rip


definitely DEFINITELY anxiety. it’s so bad sometimes, it sucks. i do have some depressed days but overall i’d say i’m pretty happy and mentally ok haha

I agree with this. Anxiety really suck. In my case, it’s with me when I work nightshift. There are nights that I was anxious while working and I almost have breakdowns. I have this even when I as younger, and I can say that it was worse back then. But great thing I am trying to make it better by keeping myself balanced and still having time for stuff I’m passionate about such as family interactions etc

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Having mental health problems are extremely serious, so please do not hesitate to get help if you feel that you are not coping. Mental illnesses not only affect you, but those around you.

Here are some useful links that you may benefit from if you are struggling:

(Apologies for the limited links, the majority of the websites were British based, meaning that other countries would be unable to access them).

Even if you want to rant about the smallest things, my DMs are open, so feel free to message me.