Do y’all have notifications on?

I just leave mine off, but is it worth turning them on for the daily video notification?

for video notifications, especially for your friends and others content you really like, its worth having on, as long as you are not being spammed with like, comments, follow notifs.

hoping we get the option to change what things we’re notified for


Yea, I’d want to do post notifications and the video one, but I feel like it’d just add post anxiety, I prefer posting and leaving it for a bit.

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ngl I love those daily ‘a byte for you’ notifications I get.

But overall I’d love more control over what notifications I get. I want to turn off video and comment likes, but keep on comments, rebytes, posts from ppl I turned notification on, and daily byte.


For me I don’t have them on. Honestly I try and turn as many app notifs off as I can. My job requires me to be constantly on so any small bit of peace I can get away from notifs I take.

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Only sometimes

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I’ve never had them on and it feels so much better for my mental health that way.

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