Do u wanna be friends

Hey guys so, I’m looking for friends on this platform from 13 - 17 years old(I’m almost 15). It can be boyz or gurlz, but in case ur wondering I’m a boy. Hopefully if we become great friends we can make a group together when the V2 app gets out. So yeah. Just message me on Twitter: Jayke_LeSimp1 or SC: jay_k298


Hey, how do I message you? Is there a way to directly message you? Sorry I’m new😔

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I’d love to be friends! I’m a 17 years old girl from europe

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Sure bro

I’m 18 but I’m pretty nice for an 18 year old

I’m trying to figure it out too lol

You have to be trust level 2 to message, just found that out yesterday

Oh ok thx

Yeapp… I’m creating a group chat here on the forum, I’ll add you. If you can.

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No problem

Also… creating a chat room here takes away one of your post limits.

Oh okay, who’s all in it

yeahh sure broo lets be friend give me your insta username we could talk :smile:

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yoo bro i am in

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Lets use Twitter cuz I’m more active there. Mine is Jayke_LeSimp1

ok followed

Yap ok :blush:

I’m in add me too

Just mase a brand new video !!


Go and chek it out! If you liked it leave a like, follow me, and maybe we could COLLAB