Do people actually buy YouTubers merch?

Do they??? I’m wondering. I mean most youtubers who have a merch line plug it in their videos, but how many people do ACTUALLY buy them??? :shushing_face::hugs:

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I bought a shirt that was on sale once, that’s it

Yes most definitely

I support lots of good YouTubers but I would never buy their merch. It seems dumb to me. If I were it would be one of Drew Gooden’s staplers because it’s so funny that he’s making fun of other people with merch

Yep. Came out of Chipotle and saw a little boy with a Maverick shirt.

I bought Kian Lawley’s old merch 4 years ago. A tie- dye shirt that said “BOOSHKA” really quite the statement I must say

I bought a shirt, but it since my country’s postal service is sketchy I haven’t gotten it. :neutral_face:
It’s more or less if you have the money and the merch is cool, I think it’s a good way to support what they do and get something you might like from it instead of say supporting through patreon which entitles a monthly commitment.

I dont buy their merch

yeah, i see people like that. It kinda makes me feel weird, seeing the internet actually affecting reality.

Nah however, I did consider buying enjajaja’s merch but never got the chance to.

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Omg I love her :sob::sob::sob:

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I have a Connor Franta shirt from 4 or 5 years ago lol and just a couple months ago I bought a Sugg Life hoodie (Zoella and Joe Sugg’s merch) so yeah I do

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I bought a Shane Dawson shirt a million years ago but that’s it.

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I’ve bought Shane Dawson’s merch before! I wish I could buy meech’s merch or liza koshy’s merch

i most definitely did back in the day and i still do.

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Yep, I bought Marcus Butler’s beanie back in the day

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