Do not body shame other people

Fat can be beautiful. Skinny can be beautiful. What’s not beautiful is making mean comments on the internet about somebody’s body because you, personally, don’t feel it caters to you.
Women (and literally everybody else too) aren’t put on this earth to appeal to you visually! They literally don’t owe you a certain weight or aesthetic, especially not when they’re sharing something else they’re wonderfully talented at!

Remember, you’re not obligated to be beautiful. (Also I think y’all are gorgeous! But my personal opinion on your looks shouldn’t factor into it unless you’re specifically asking me what I think of them.)


YES and before any men come on here, please talk to even 5 women about this before you form an opinion. I never had any issues with my body image until men and even some women started commenting on it. what i should wear, pointing out flaws on my skin, etc. this started when i was like 13. gwyn is absolutely right and NO ONE but yourself has a say on your appearance


read my post thx

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lets just have postive vibes also kinda hurted since im considered fat lmao


Not you again everyones body is EXTREMELY and works VERY differently. Noneone has the same body, plus sized people can be healthy without being skinny.

I’m sorry but some people actually can’t help that they’re that way, it’s sometimes nearly impossible to lose weight. I’ve got the opposite. I’ve been skinny all my life and it’s really hard for me to gain weight no matter how much I eat! People have been body shaming me for being skinny all my life and it truly sucks, believe me! I literally want to gain more weight but it’s just sooo f-cking hard!


Me too I’m skinny and I try to gain weight it’s not healthy being skinny but there’s methods everyone has a method nothing is impossible

just pointing out i am overweight but my doctor says im healthly so no fat ppl arent always unhealthy plz watch what you say its harmful


People can be unhealthy or healthy at any weight.
I was unhealthy when I was 95 lbs and this height. I was unhealthy when I was 140 lbs and this height. You know why? Because I have several health issues which have run HAVOC on my metabolism. I was at highest risk when I was at my skinniest, not my fattest.

Weight and BMI are INCREDIBLY poor indicators of health and care of body.
Also, quite frankly, many “weight loss” and “health communities” are deeply damaging because they focus on those aspects.

Also, why does somebody else’s personal health matter to you, and what will shaming them on the internet do except cause their health further harm?


bottom line is: if you don’t know someone’s medical history (meaning you’re not their doctor or parent), you can’t say anything about their health. appearance tells you almost nothing.


Skinny and plus sized people can be healthy despite of their weigh.