Do it for the V***

Back on vine the phrase everyone used was “do it for the vine.” What is going to be the new phrase on v2? Do it for the v2? v2 it? Just v2 it? Any ideas?


It should be a phrase that goes viral

It’ll have to come up naturally, I feel like that’s the only way phrases like these start.


I like the “Just V2 It!” phrase.


Hi, I made a whole thread about this here

Doms exact reply was


“Dont call it a comeback”

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That thread has literally nothing to do with this post.

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We talked about do it for the v*ne, and people are still going to be using the same vernacular

Imo hopefully something completely different

they asked what the new phrase would be. Not about how we’re going to stop people from saying ‘vine’. the threads focus on two completely different things. Using the same phrase/quote in a thread doesn’t mean it relates to eachother.

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I think you’ve breezed over @LeaElizabeth’s topic, it does actually kind of cover the same subject area, discussing the use of the phrase and whether it will be stopped. Conclusion was people will still use it and Dom ain’t gonna stop it. And her point was that there may not be a new one, as people are more likely to stick to the old one.

It doesn’t cover the same subject whatsoever. This thread isn’t asking if we’re ALLOWED to use the word ‘vine’ or not. Elizabeth’s does. She just chose to use the ‘do it for the vine’ phrase as an example. Her thread is asking about how we will stop people from saying the word ‘vine’ since it is now owned by Twitter. Once again, this thread is talking about ideas for a new phrase. The OP knows that we can’t use the phrase ‘do it for the vine’. The two threads have literally nothing in common apart from the fact that they used the same phrase in different contexts.

You are being hyperbolic. Whilst the two didn’t start from the same point, one regarding use of the word ‘vine’ and one regarding the new phrase, there are still parallels to be drawn between the two. One conclusion from the ‘vine’ thread was that they aren’t going to enforce the word colloquially and therefore the phrase won’t be stopped, making:

is an incorrect assertion. People can use the phrase, and many will. Don’t jump at people’s throats for trying to join the conversation, it comes across as really toxic for those you target and those reading the thread.

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So in other words, the threads don’t have a single thing in common apart from them using the same phrase. You pretty much validated my point of them not being related whatsoever and that they didn’t need to link the thread at all. And you can’t use the phrase if you’re relating it to v2 considering it is trademarked by Twitter.

I totally agree with @unn ! It should come up naturally and we should not abuse it

Do it for V2

Look I’m done with this conversation, you clearly can’t read, and it’ll end up devolving into playground insults. Let’s just agree to disagree.

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Exactly, we can not force trends in my opinion

I legit loved this.

‘It’ll end up developing into playground insults’. ‘You clearly can’t read’. Ooookaaaay. :joy: