"Do it for the 2"

I recall the day news broke that “the app that should not be named” would be discontinued. I was in my school cafe, trying my best to enjoy the mediocre food. I went on twitter and the hashtag RIPs were trending. My heart dropped. I opened the app to make one last short 6sec video. I uploaded every other day until it was permanently gone.


I’m so happy this community is coming back together. It’s been so weird and depressing wandering around like lost puppies trying to find a new community to get involved in. I honestly think this app will be as great as the community makes it! So let’s give this community the best damn second chance we got! (cheers from v2 fam…)

But seriously, let’s make the most of this second chance that @dom and the rest of the v2 team is giving this community. We owe it to them. Let’s do it for them…the 2.


This made me so unnecessarily sad and excited for you at the same time :slight_smile: