Do hashtags work? If not, what desides if your video goes "viral"?

Genuinely interested on how it works because it’s a mystery to me at the moment.

Also, drop your ‘@’ in th comments so i can check you out :smile:

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No, there’s no searching or viewing hashtags yet, so using them doesn’t do anything lol.

Here’s notes on how the algorithm works


Awesome, thanks for the fast response @cark

Puuuurre luck

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Some say…Magic

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Thanks for asking this! I was wondering the same thing!
@dealpickle is my username!

At the moment, hashtags serve no function. The algorithm is pretty fair now with the temporary inclusion of “popular 2” it’s great. My byte is @/misoramenn c: Hope you find some enjoyment there.

This is kinda off topic but how do I make a post on the forums? There’s a reply button so I can reply to others, but IDK how to make my own post to ask a question on here.

You have to be active, like, comment and eventually you will be able to post :slight_smile:


I’ve tried it once and apparently it doesn’t do anything yet. I’m sure they’re working on it.

And @JustCallMeLando is my Byte name :slight_smile:

Oh ok. That’s… weird but thank you.

Thanks for the answers :))